Mood Swings

October 8, 2008 at 1:37 AM

*may contain spoilers*

Today I’ve been feeling so blah, like I have absolutely no mood to do anything. And I’ve been very moody and pissy and easily annoyed and I have no idea why. But I bought Chocolate Fudge McFlurry from ice cream so I had enough dosage of chocolatey goodness, oreo goodness and sugar to survive through the night from this sudden mood swing.

I’m so happy that last week, I decided to re-subscribe to movie channels and metro channels from Astro (cabel tv company) again, even though mom disapproved, lol. Boy, I missed those channels! Yesterday I watched Desperado.. Robert Rodriguez has become one of my fave directors apart from Sam Raimi. Now I wanna watch Once Upon a Time in Mexico for a total of Johnny Depp goodness *fans self*

I’m happy I’ve re-subscribed to BBCE and Crime Investigation Channel again. And what a coincidence, I subscribed just in time for new season of DR. WHO. I totally didn’t know that. I was channel surfing and saw Dr. Who on BBCE but I missed the primetime show.. then later they showed THE WEAKEST LINK: DR. WHO SPECIAL.. omg it’s hilarious lol. David Tennant is so fucking hot. I wanna rape him. Too bad they voted him off just before the final round..argh. Then after that, watched the special episode of Dr. Who from season 3.. you know I was surprised when I saw Catherine Tate? I thought she’s gonna be the new partner of the doctor, but turns out not until season 4. Did I mention David Tennant is hotter than the sun? *faints*

Earlier today I decided to watch American Pie 5: The Naked Mile and boy was that a mistake. I fell asleep after less than half an hour.. and after that I just skimmed it.. they lost the charm that the original American Pie cast had. And to me, it’s just plain bad.. the crude humor was extreme. I don’t mind over-the-top bad humor (like Harold & Kumar) but this movie is just a bore. So I guess they decided to make the ‘Stifler’ in this movie to be the good Stifler.. unlike the bad foul mouthed, sex crazed Stifler we’ve always known. He’s cute though.. but I particularly didn’t like the pointless stupid things in the movie like how they had competitions in this party using penis.. holding bucket of beer with penis? wtf. If I was watching this in the cinema, I’d find the exit signs and claim my money back.. just not worth it. Lots of boobs though.. I guess that’s good for the guys to jack off to it?