October 6, 2008 at 6:01 PM

My stomach is still uncomfortable.

I feel bad missing the class. I really thought I’d have perfect attendance this semester. Oh well. I text messaged my friend and asked her if she could see my marks for the analysis of “Ladri di Biciclette” that we did before the holiday and she said I got 10/10. Not sure if she saw it correctly, but if I did get it, yay, if not then bummer… if I did, then too bad I wasn’t there to see it myself argh.

Yesterday I went with mom and mom’s friend to pizza hut cuz mom’s friend decided to treat us. Now I see why I’m getting so fat, I just ate pizza last Monday with Sharina, lol. It was so-so.. they sold out most of the stuff in the menu that we wanted.. they didn’t even have stuffed crust! *G-A-S-P-S* Then after that we went shopping.. I only bought a new cheap roll on perfume that I can put in my bag so I can take it everywhere, a new mask, and a day moisturizer. I don’t know why I keep buying facial stuff cuz I have so much of them yet I don’t use them. I do however need wrinkle cream cuz I’m starting to have bad wrinkles, especially around the eyes due to lack of sleep. I didn’t have enough money yesterday and I refused to spend the 50 bucks my uncle gave me so I couldn’t buy this makeup stuff that I wanted. I also saw this really nice skull necklace for around RM50 (70% discount, it was RM190) and I wanted it 🙁

That’s basically it. I was so tired yesterday. On Saturday I went to a wedding.. I’ll blog about it in a bit cuz I need to resize the pictures first.