Nintendo DSi

October 4, 2008 at 11:56 AM

Anyways XD 4th day of Eid.. haven’t been really fun, lol. Sharina came to my house yesterday with her mom and brother, so today I’m going to her house for eid. Mom went out with my uncle just now to my relative’s house but since I was sleeping they decided to leave me O.o I got RM50 from my uncle, yay. Now at least I have some money to spend. I’m currently having tummy ache, omg, I ate way too much yesterday. I think I probably gained like 5-10 kg this festive season argh.

Btw, argh, just when I’m thinking of buying Nintendo DS, the rumors became true and they’re releasing Nintendo DSi! I read about it yesterday’s morning and I got pissed off 🙁 It’s because now I can’t decide whether I should get Lite or DSi instead…! If you know me well, then you know if I buy something and there’s another version that’s better, I’d be regretting it and stuff… You see, here are my reasons/doubts/pros/cons/ comparison of the Lite and DSi:

Nintendo DS Lite – It has been around for a while, and lots of games for it, yes? If I buy this, I’ll be getting the R4DS together, which adds around RM300 (USD$89) extra to a total of RM780 (USD$225)  but R4DS allows me to play downloadable game roms so I don’t have to spend on cartridges, which would save me lots. It also has a few colors I can choose from.

Nintendo DSi – It hasn’t been released yet… and it’ll be released in the states in 2009, which means it’ll be in Malaysia ummm not sure when. Because it’s still new, I don’t know if it’s worth it, good enough etc What I really want to know is the usage of the SD slot card. Is it just for game storage and downloaded demo from the nintendo site or is it usable for nds roms? Of course, soon there’ll be somebody itching to mod/hack/whatever this thing… bigger screen, and camera.. right now camera would be useless but therel prolly be games taking advantage of the camera soon. But only 2 colors for the new release.. prolly have to wait a while for other choice of colors. What I’m concerned about is the talk of reduced battery life. The GBA slot don’t concern me much. I only have 2 GBA games anyway. Plus it prolly would be more expensive (althought converting 18,900 yen to Malaysian currency is still cheaper than the lite + R4DS)

To summarize it all up, I’m just clueless… DS lite is much more expensive because of the R4, and DSi is still extremely new but I just don’t want hype about lite to die soon and hype about DSi surfaces where everyone would only care about DSi.. then I’d be regretting that I got lite instead of DSi… hmm.. I think I just made up my mind. I’m getting Lite. DSi is too new, and it’s not huge improvement than Lite anyway. Plus I don’t want to wait a year before I can buy DSi. No thanks. Why do these things gotta be so fucking expensive here?