Selamat Hari Raya!

October 1, 2008 at 3:48 PM

Happy Eid Mubarak!

Today is the first day of eid.. finally Ramadhan is over, so it’s not a torture to go to class lol. Now it’s time to eat and eat and eat! I don’t think my mom and I would be going to celebrate at anyone’s house nor anyone would wanna visit us… I’ve been cleaning up the house so I’m exhausted.

The best thing about eid here in Malaysia is the food… lots and lots of them… for me, eid is NOT complete without lemang and my mom’s rendang! (google them if you have no idea what I’m talking about). Well the lemang and rendang technically looks like the 2 pics I posted.. so today I’ve been eating lots of lemang with my mom’s beef rendang and chicken rendang. However, all this will make me even fatter than I already am. Unfortunately, there is such thing as RAPID weight gain but there’s no such thing as quick weight loss no matter what they say. All the weight I’ll gain this eid will stay with me for quite a while unless I do extreme exercise which is impossible πŸ™

Beside lemang, there’s also a lot of other delicacies. Oh and also lots of different types of cookies, and cakes…! My mom and I used to bake lots of cakes and cookies and cupcakes for eid but that time is long gone πŸ™ I’m forcing mom to make laksa though (again, google or wiki it if you wanna know what it is) cuz laksa is my favorite food… my mom makes the best laksa XD Unfortunately it’s my ex’s fave food though so forcing my mom to make it would remind her of him and she’d start talking crap. Ok, let’s not ruin the day by talking about that sob.

Only a few days more until I have to go back to KL. I haven’t even started on anything. So I better go read something. I’ve been obsessing about Nintendo DS games for days now… hehe…that’s one of my bad habits. When I like something or want something, I won’t stop obsessing about it until I get it.

Oh there’s this special course on directing from Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Arts this december and I so wanna go. I’m gonna try to apply, but I’m sure it’s not easy.. the organizer will pay for the course (around RM7000+, geez) if accepted… I so wanna go πŸ™ It’ll add to my advantage when I go for my internship next year.