Last Day of Ramadan

September 30, 2008 at 1:56 PM

Today is the last day of Ramadan, tomorrow is Hari Raya/Eid Mubarak already.. time sure flies. 5 more days I’m in Ipoh, then back to college and I haven’t done shit. Haven’t studied, haven’t done my 3d animation assignment, haven’t done my film analysis.. bah. So on tv, there’s a lot of Eid related movies, since the past few days but all of them are sad movies. Sometimes I think Malaysian drama directors they tend to overexaggerate movies to the point that it looks ridiculous. Like this one movie about about a naive girl who got pregnant then the father denies it and the mother bitches cuz they have no proof and they never will.. hello, have they never heard of DNA testing after the baby is born?

Anyways, yesterday I went to break fast with my friend. Then we went shopping. I’ll write a full detail story later. By the way, I asked 2 shops, one at Tesco and one at Jusco on the price of Nintendo DS Lite. I was right. The cheaper one (about RM500-ish) is only the console but the expensive one (about RM800, or USD$230) is inclusive of console (plus the pouch and screen protectors) AND R4. I so want the set with R4 now!

You see, a game would cost me around RM200 a piece, which is fucking insane. Now by having R4, I can just download ROMS on the net and put it in the microSD card and play it and since I usually get bored after a day, this would save me money. Well take it as trying a game demo, if it’s good enough to keep, I’ll buy the original… that way it’s not really piracy, just testing the game as in a demo. So by getting R4, I won’t have to buy the game. Plus of course you can play movies, music etc and add homebrew applications to your DS…so R4 is definitely a must.

If only I have enough money, I’d get it now 🙁 But have to wait and save up. Plus I still have to survey the price.. some place they’d give better deal.