Work & DVD!

September 14, 2008 at 5:15 AM

Wow work was..ummm.. boring yesterday lol. I came at 10 am and what did I do? Inserting thousands of letters into thousands of envelopes nonstop with half an hour in between to guide this one family to the hostel. Then back to dealing with the letters.. first there were just like 5 of us.. then later joined by some others including Jackie who kept bullying me and tempting me with food cuz I was fasting lol.. I was the only malay and the rest were chinese so they were speaking chinese .. and since I was fasting, I couldn’t have lunch break so I was doing the letters NONSTOP. After like 3 pm we started pasting name stickers on the letters… I heard there’s like 5000 names to be pasted on the letters, and today we’re supposed to continue pasting them damn stickers. By 4 pm, I was so dead lol. So for one hour I was just bored to death, waiting for the clock to strike 5 pm so I could go home. I wanted to bring my mp3 player – I should have 🙁 But I couldn’t find my earphone. I have to find it and take it today or I”ll be really bored.

After that I went to the DVD store at my place cuz I wanna find a movie to write about for my movie analysis assignment. I bought 3 DVDs:

– Black Dahlia
– Grindhouse’s Planet Terror
– Pulp Fiction

Ok, Black Dahlia was this awful homemade-like crappy movie.. I wanted the FILM but this was the wrong movie..I didn’t know there’s another crappy version with the same title Black Dahlia. Blah. What a waste of 9 bucks. I couldn’t even watch a second of it. I knew I should have bought Donnie Darko instead… oh well.

Planet Terror, FINAAAAAALLLLYYY!!!!!! Omg. I have been wanting this DVD for a very long time lol. Ever since Mr Eddie showed this in class last semester. It rocks. I’m gonna write about this movie for my assignment. There’s something about this movie that I really love .. apart from it being a super bloody gory zombie kick-ass action that I love, lol, I love the special effect and cinematography in this. Especially how Robert Rodriguez made this movie to look like a 70’s damaged movie. Of course not to mention Freddy Rodriguez is extremely HOT in it.

Pulp Fiction – It’s been mentioned so many times in classes… because it’s one of Quentin Tarrantino’s best movies.. and I think I’m the only one who haven’t seen it so I decided to buy it and see what the hype is all about so next time, when they give any examples from this movie, I won’t be clueless lol.

Blah 5.10 am. Going to eat ( to start the fast) then search for my earphone and then sleep before I have to work so I don’t feel so sleepy… or if I don’t feel like sleeping, maybe I’ll watch Nosferatu silent movie on youtube.