Camp Rock

September 8, 2008 at 6:07 AM


So yesterday was the asian premiere of the overly hyped Disney Channel movie, CAMP ROCK. Since my review will contain spoiler, I’ll hide it in cut.. click below to read!

I”m sure you’ve heard of CAMP ROCK… it was overly advertised on Disney Channel Asia, claiming this movie to be the best one yet… so I was kinda looking forward to it especially since I adore Demi Lovato’s face, lol .. even though I’ve started hating Jonas Brothers… and I was hoping it’ll be better than HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. To my surprise, it was NOTHING like High School Musical.

I can’t say if it sucks, or if it’s good. It’s something in between. I was so not looking forward seeing Jonas Brothers in it, cuz they annoy me to hell BUT luckily only Joe Jonas is the main character! And I’m gonna admit that I think Joe is the ONLY cute one… Nick and Kevin are fugly as hell and I’m so glad they don’t appear much in the movie. Plus Joe’s the only one with good voice. So it’s all good. It’s bearable to watch.

Now the storyline – hmmmm…how should I put it… it kinda…. sucks. Okay, not that much, but I was so bored and uninterested from the beginning until almost the end. The only part worth watching is the ‘final jam’ scene.. everything else is WAYYY too predictable. You can guess what happens since the movie starts.. Demi’s character Mitchie is this poor girl who can’t afford to go to camp rock, but mom got a job there, she gets a chance, made friends with the bitchy, self centered blonde who is attention whore named Tess, Mitchie lies about her family to fit in, neglects her ‘true’ friend, slowly attracts Shane (played by Joe Jonas)… then her secret is revealed…everyone hates her.. bla bla bla.. then you can guess the end.. AND THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVERY AFTER…. so many holes in the story… you have to watch it to know how some parts of the story are sort of ridiculous.

lol. Everything’s so predictable.

Performance…. okay, I’d say High School Musical (HSM) is WAAAAAAAAAAY better than camp rock. And that’s from the point of view of a girl who likes zombie movies, horror movies and hates stupid teen movies… At least HSM got me interested since the beginning, it has an okay story, memorable characters… AWESOME choreography and catchy songs.. but camp rock? The only song I like is THIS IS ME by Mitchie aka Demi Lovato. That’s it. Tess’ singing voice is annoying as hell. All other songs are slow and/or boring. Not catchy at all. The dance move? SUCKS. Omg, seriously, no joke on this one… it sucks, it’s NOTHING compared to HSM’s dance moves… it’s so out of the place, doesn’t match the beat.. they overdid it.. it just SUCKS.

The ONLY best part is when Mitchie sings THIS IS ME at the end, then Shane joins in and sings his song GOTTA FIND YOU and they sing it together.. that’s the only best part I like.. but honestly, Demi overdid it with her dance move.. wtf? She looked kinda retarded.. she can’t dance.. since this scene is the only scene I like, I’ll post a video of it.

Overall, nice try but ummm no. HSM is still THE BEST. Best moves, best songs, best characters, best story, etc… camp rock can’t beat HSM.. speaking of HSM… the new music video from HSM 3: Senior Year premiered during camp rock’s movie and OH MY GOOOOOODDDDD… it looks so awesome! And much much much better dance moves! I so can’t wait! It’ll be in the cinema on October 24th.. I’m sooooo gonna go see it! OMG Can’t wait! I’ll post a music video from HSM 3 below.. check it out!

They’re showing Camp Rock again tonight.. blah…
I bet obsessed fans of this movie are obsessed fans of Jonas Brothers or Demi Lovato cuz overall, the movie is boring. I shouldn’t be comparing Camp Rock to HSM but I couldn’t help it.. plus as you can see the DVD cover above is soooo misleading. It has Demi Lovato and THE JONAS BROTHERS on the cover only… when only Joe is the only one with the most appearance but Nick and Kevin? They’re in the movie for a few minutes, and performed one song.. .that’s it… so if it’s isn’t already obvious to you, I’m guessing Disney is only trying to cash in on the Jonas Brothers’ popularity among young girls and that’s how they sell the movie.. nevermind if the story suck and too cliche eh? What do kids know about good story… as long as there’s Jonas Brothers~! *fangirlscreamomgwtfbbq!?!!?!* *shoot self* πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Camp Rock OST
Mitchie (Demi Lovato) & Shane (Joe Jonas)

High School Musical 3: Senior Year OST