Lauren Cleri

September 4, 2008 at 1:14 AM

I’m so sick of reality tv show, so I don’t watch them anymore. SO FUCKING SICK. Unfortunately, after the millennium, that’s all we have, low quality reality tv crap. The only reality tv that I currently watch is only The Apprentice because the season airing right now (season 6, I know, very old season, we’re a year late) caught my interest.

Have any of you heard or watched THE MOMENT OF TRUTH?

You see, I was waiting for The Apprentice tonight so I turned on tv and The Moment of Truth was on before The Apprentice. I hate that show.. it’s slow, boring, and basically I’ve seen way too many of the similar shows so I never cared until I hear the questions that were being asked…

The questions were absolutely embarrassing! Like for example if she had slept with someone else after being married, if she had taken off her wedding ring to appear single, if she loved her ex on her wedding day… if she thinks she’s better off marrying her ex instead.. and many more to all which she answered YES.

It was the episode with Lauren Cleri, it aired in the US on my birthday (Feb 25th 2008) on Fox if I”m not mistaken.. after hearing the questions I decided to watch it. It was PAINFUL to watch that ugly ass whore answering YES to all the questions in front of her family and her own husband, revealing she has cheated on him in front of millions of viewers without shame or remorse… oh my god.. can anyone get any stupider?

I bet that slut who confessed on air thinks she’s getting fame and soon, money but she lost when the lie detector detected a lie on the question “Do you think you’re a good person” to which she answered “yes”. A good person??? Omg are you fucking serious? She’s badder than satan himself. I didn’t care at first cuz I know everything in reality tv is staged and come on, everyone that appears in reality tv show who claimed to be a ‘normal’ person turns out to have some acting or modeling background..puh-leaseee. Even that Lauren Cleri claimed she’s an “aspiring model”…oh come on, I wouldn’t hire her ugly evil whore ass even if my life depends on it.  She destroyed her marriage on tv, humiliated not only herself but her (ex?) husband and family.

When she lost all the money, she went up to her family and cried… I’m willing to bet my life that she didn’t cry because she felt bad for revealing everything but she felt so bad and sad cuz she revealed all her dirty secrets on prime tv and didn’t get a cent for it! That she had LOST everything. Karma, bitch. No matter what you say, or other people say, your reputation is ruined.. that episode will always make you seem to be the cold hearted whore that you are, forever.

If I were her, I would NEVER, I repeat NEVER humiliate and reveal my dirty secrets on television.. how stupid is that? OMG I have never seen anyone like her.. if I see her, I’d seriously blow her brain to bits. What a shame too, that Frank Cleri, the husband, is cute :\ He’s the same age as me too I think.

If me, I’d suggest her to move out of the country. At least the country would have one less white trash.
You’re worthless anyway and such a disgrace.