Happy Ramadhan

September 2, 2008 at 9:33 PM


Fasting started yesterday so today would be the 2nd day of fasting. Unfortunately I can’t fast yet lol. Um it’s a girl thing. But unfortunately I still have to act like I am. Sure I can secretly eat and drink but there’s nothing to eat 🙁 So I’d have to wait until break of fast where mom would make something.. that’d be around 7 pm.

The past 2 days I’ve been working on my new college blog and DRUMROLL… presenting:


I just thought I’d have a separate blog to put all of my college stuff/works without having my personal stuff mixed in together. They’re lots more pictures that I haven’t put up yet…which I’ll try to finish tonight XD

Any heard of CAMP ROCK? Sure, kids and disney movies enthusiast would have already watched it. It will premiere this week on Disney Channel Asia on Sept 7th if I’m not mistaken.. now I like disney original movies.. you know how much I looooooove High School Musical.. so before I was kinda looking forward for Camp Rock UNTIL…..

I started hating The Jonas Brothers.

OMG I can’t stand them now. Not only they remind me of Hanson (which I was obsessed with before) but they can’t friggin sing. Their voice annoys me big time. Their songs are so annoying. I just can’t stand Jonas Brothers. They’re so overrated. Unfortunately they’re in Camp Rock. I wanna watch because of Demi Lovato cuz I think she’s pretty, but urgh Jonas Brothers? God help me. Each time I see them or hear them, I feel like strangling a crocodile.

My face is so itchy right now. If upclose, you can see black dots like tiny little pixels on my face..