Back in Ipoh

August 31, 2008 at 12:40 PM

So I’m back in Ipoh. Yesterday I left KL at 5.30 am and reached Ipoh at 7.30 am-ish without stopping at the rest area. Then felll asleep and at around 12 something went to the post office cuz mom wanted to pay the bills. Then went to Tesco Xtra to eat lunch. Review coming soon at my food blog. Then went shopping, went back home, did nothing.. later night I watch 4 episodes back to back of THE NANNY… I even missed the merdeka countdown x.x

I’m so bored today. My uncle forgot to bring the DVD player AGAIN so I can’t watch any DVD….And because I can’t put any DVD on, I can’t read my HP books or read the books I borrowed from the college library so I’m gonna use this boring day to finish my college blog and write food reviews at my food blogs.

I tried coloring my hair yesterday..but the color is not really noticeable.. O.o I hate dying my hair, I wanna do it at the hair salon.


My face feels as rough as sand paper, lol. But no black burnt skin XD Just darkened skin at the sides. Other than that, no pain no nothing. I love fraxel rather than pixel…. XD