July 27, 2008 at 11:57 PM

I’m tired and not quite feeling well. I’m going to bed so I’m just going to make this quick.

  • Went for shooting rehearsal today. It was um.. ok.
  • I stepped on a rusty nail. It poked through my sandal and went into my skin. My foot is now in pain.
  • My face is peeling. It hurts. And itchy.
  • Went to the clinic. Got mc for tomorrow, yay. Also had a jab on the arm.
  • The jab on the arm fucking hurt and now my left upper arm is in terrible pain.
  • I now have migraine.
  • Ear infection is slowly getting better. Swelling has reduced a bit.
  • Went to KL..then ate satay.
  • Went to night market.
  • I miss my home theater stuff..
  • My right arrow key is somehow fixed, lol. It started working again all of a sudden. YAY.
  • Pictures soon.

Too tired. Goodnight. Zzzzz.