Ear Infection

July 23, 2008 at 2:26 AM

Again, wanted to blog about what happened last week but kinda got lazy. So I’m just posting random shit today lol. My left hear is hurting bad πŸ™ I think there’s a wound there and it got infected. I remember I used to get same kind of infected and pain in my ear except worse, and like oozing out liquid.. it’s not gross tho, it’s not like icky puss or anything.. but omg, the intensity of the pain was extreme.. and until it got better, I could barely hear correctly. It was so annoying. And extremely painful. I would constantly cry out loud πŸ™

My right eye is also hurting but the pain has lessen now. I poked my eye with my finger yesterday x.x Oh well. I’ve been quite a klutz lately. And in photography class I screwed up my whole film cuz I’m stupid and I can’t get over it. Don’t know why. It’s just a test film where I took pics of things randomly but since I was the only one stupid enough to fuck it, so I’m like hating self o.O I can’t get over it argh.

I better go back to sleep now.
I’ll blog again later today.
Yesterday was a very long day.