Random Thoughts

June 15, 2008 at 3:17 AM

Well I thought about making another ‘childhood memories’ entry, but I’ll take a break from it for a bit and write a random blog. Hehe. Blah. Tomorrow I’m supposed to do presentation on any topic I like. Thing is, I don’t know what. I have no idea what to choose that I know well. I’ll try to figure it out tonight and memorize tomorrow. Plus, have presentation on product on Tuesday.. dunno how to do that as my group is not even ready with anything.

My back hurts. I really want a new monitor now but I want to wait for Pc Fair… gah. Why? Because PC Fair it’s either cheap, or I could get gifts. Plus, there’d be lots of brand there which I can compare. Not sure how I’m going to do assignments and all this sem… If I had a monitor, I could use my normal comp on that normal table and with normal chair so my back won’t hurt too much. My bed sucks so bad now. It’s less springy, like someone has been jumping on it for a long time (no, I haven’t been doing that lol)

But zenhaven mattress cost too much. I share my bed with my kitty, Jojo and sometime Nikko. If I’m not mistaken, pet beds cost almost the same as human beds.. my kitties have their own bed (but they rarely use it).. I want to get them another one though, a good comfy one but it cost like over $200. I also wanna get them those carrying bags or stroller lol. Need money.

I’m almost halfway to my goal for a monitor. XD