June 5, 2008 at 5:31 AM

For the past 2 evenings, it’s been raining like hell. Well rain I don’t mind, but the LIGHTNING. You know I fear LIGHTNINGS. And they’re like i’ve never seen before in my entire life…. FUCKING SCARY! Last Tueaday when I was in Video Production 1 class, we had to present our analysis of tv commercials. Then it was thundering like there’s no tomorrow… Freaked me out BIG TIME! Imagine 100 bombs exploding together repeatedly nonstop. Same like today too but luckily I managed to get home before it got worst.

For Scriptwriting class today, we had to present our ‘logline’.. What is ‘logline’? Well if you’re thinking of producing a movie, before you could do that, you have to pitch your idea to the client. So you have to describe what your movie is about in two sentences as interesting as possible. My idea is well.. sorta like horror movie about premonition of death. Closest examples are movies like Premonition, One Missed Call (Chakushin Ari) and my fave, Final Destination. While listening to others’ interesting loglines, I suddenly got this ideas about zombies o.o; You know I’m an obsessed zombies fan lol. So I need to rethink of the new lines and all. If only I can make a movie about it after I graduate lol. Zombies is a very, very, very young subgenre in Malaysia. There’s only one movie about zombies which is “Zombi Kampung Pisang” and it sucked to the core. It was so painful to watch. Malaysian movies are SO PAINFUL to watch, except Ahmad Idham’s movies… he took horror movies in Malaysia to the next level. Even Shuhaimi Baba’s horror movies sucked so bad.

I want new monitor damnit. Maybe I should call my comp technician.. but after last experience, I’m hesitating.  I also need money to buy school stuff and I’m completely broke, argh. This is so frustrating. Just when I have some to spend, then come the bills, expenses etc… ARGH.