Testing Deepest Sender

May 18, 2008 at 12:51 AM

I just installed this plugin called Deepest Sender so I can blog from my browser without actually having to go to my site, log in, go to wordpress interface, typing and submitting the blog. This would make quick blogging to my site easier.

So I’m just testing it. If this appears, cool it worked!


Yes it worked, cool. When I’m currently depressed.. blah. So I don’t feel like blogging much. I also need to get some acne solutions fast because I hate getting breakouts from all the stress, and depression and especially from the lack of sleep since I feel restless nowadays. Blah. Monday is public holiday so this week I had 5 days off, great. Well I’m gonna go lay down and well…do something. Hopefully I’ll feel better when I wake up. I have to sleep on the floor tonight cuz my cat peed on the bed…great.