Reality Bug

May 9, 2008 at 7:35 AM

Are you a fan of Reality TV Shows? Then you’d like It’s a place where you can discuss and get the latest news on some of reality shows. I like to watch reality shows if they’re interesting. There are some of the shows listed on the site that I”m familiar of.. let’s see….

I’ve heard of American Chopper and Mythbuster before on Discover Channel, and I’ve watched once but I’m not so into it. Now… LA Ink & Miami Ink … ahh I love these shows! Especially Miami Ink.. here in Malaysia they’re being shown on Travel & Living channel if I”m not mistaken. I always adore the tattoos that they did, so much fun! I love the girl. Argh forgot her name. She’s my favorite. If I was getting a tattoo, I’d go to her lol.

Chris Angel: Mindfreak … hehe I used to watch it but now not so much anymore but I do love Chris! He’s hot.. because he’s all gothic and dark lol You know I like that kind of shit. His magic? I prefer David Blaine more, he’s freakier hehe. David Blaine can do really crazy shit that freaks you out hehe. I’ve watched a few minutes of Dog the Bounty Hunter but nope, not so fond of it.

Now last but not least, the show I’m familiar with listed on the site is…dun dun dun… Gene Simmons Family Jewels! Haha I love this show.. I so love Gene Simmons.. he’s funny. Omg Nick Simmons, is soooo cute! And so tall o.O They’re family is hilarious, so that’s why I always like watching this show. OH I love the theme song too 😀