Going Back to KL

May 9, 2008 at 7:14 AM

I’m going back to KL shortly. I actually haven’t slept yet so I”m super sleepy. Have to grab coffee or caffeinated drinks on the way. So not looking forward for next semester. I have lots more blogs to blog about but I’m gonna finish other stuff first then I can blog.

I did my hair yesterday, yay! Now my hair is no longer curly and fluffy and looking extremely ugly! I’ve had enough with the hair, and thought about shaving it off Britney’s style but then I will regret it. Thank god mom had the money to do it so now my hair is straight and nice 😀 Need to color it tho… blah that can be done later. Mmm love the smell of the chemicals.. gets me high everytime.

*yawns* Okay. Better go pack stuff. Blah.