High School Musical

May 7, 2008 at 3:46 PM

Just a few more days left for my holiday. Blah. Last week when I was in KL, the whole week seem long..like I feel I’m relaxed but now I feel all stressful again because of new semester starting next week. I don’t know…after all that has happened, it feels weird now like I’m not looking forward to the next semester unlike before. Who knows what might happen next semester, it could be worse. I hate group projects. The reason why I didn’t have any drama first 2 semesters was because there was no group project except for history of art, but there was some fuck up that happened, and Aaron knows how much I cried but thank god, no drama between my friends. They didn’t start yelling at me out of the blue claiming I didn’t do shit because I was the one who did all the research and powerpoint presentation, and even so, I got fucked during the final, but did I end up screaming at them? No, I didn’t either. I hate dealing with people who are just immature.


I so want to go! I’m so going to book the ticket when it’s available and I don’t care what happens on that day, I’m so going to go. As you know, I’m a big fan of High School Musical, I know all the songs and dance moves, lol. So it should be fun. The show will be in August, and high possibility that I’m going to go alone but I don’t care.