April 30, 2008 at 4:08 PM

Urgh. I have headaches now… it’s not the kind that’s throbbing but the kind that when you move (your head or your eyes) you feel so dizzy that you feel like vomiting. I hate that kind of headache. I used to have one where I couldn’t even get up or open my eyes or I’ll puke. o.O;

I need to work on my sites >.> I need to have my fanvids site up. I miss creating fanvideos. I used to be so obsessed in editing fan videos but now not so much anymore. Omg. I just remembered – my computer guy STILL has not called! It’s been more than a month now, wtf?? Ok tomorrow I need to remember to call them.. this is stupid! Getting a video card replaced takes more than a month? What? Geez. Good thing I didn’t have to pay for the traveling cost for them to come and pick up my cpu (would be hundreds) or I’d be pissed. I miss my computer 🙁 Thank god for laptop or I’d be insane right now. This is so fucked up.

Ok I’m gonna go rest a bit, then probably work on stuff. Urgh I hate this headache.