Life is Short

March 23, 2008 at 1:50 AM

Today I realized something…


So what does that actually mean? I was working part-time job at school today for open day (full photoblog coming tomorrow or so). I was stationed at the registration counter and while working this morning I heard something really terrible that made me sick to my stomach…

3 Students from my college died from an accident

The guy wasn’t serious about the news so we thought he was joking but then he said it was true and he just got a call from the morgue. He handles international student so apparently the 3 dead were international students from Nigeria. Muslims. 2 girls and a boy. YOUNG. The news didn’t get to me until later of the day when some of us were talking about it and until the end of the work, it got horrible. I was sick to my stomach.

Here’s the story. There were 5 of them, 2 from Sunway College. They were driving a car at 2 am around the Kelana Jaya (Damansara-Puchong Highway), when one car tried to overtake them (or the other way around) and one car hit the bumper of the other car, and their car swiveled and skidded to the other side, and crashed into a parked bus at the Kelana Jaya LRT station. There were a lot of different versions we heard throughout the day though. What’s worse is that the guy was describing us how the bodies looked.. and how severe the injuries (one has no eye, brain splattered, half head gone etc) it was like oh… my…god…and the car is totally wrecked.

Imagine.. what it was like for that guy to tell the deceased parents in Nigeria.. and how would they feel… he said even though he didn’t have emotion at first, but he nearly broke down when he tried to tell the parent. It’s just too fucking creepy. Gave me goosebumps. It was like one minute you were there.. you did your daily stuff, went to school, hung out with your friends, planned for tomorrow or next week ..then suddenly BAM, you’re gone! Usually I wouldn’t care that much but it suddenly creeps me out.. to imagine that they use to be there at my college… in class… in hostel.. but then suddenly gone and never coming back. I wonder how the classmates would react on Monday or whenever they have class.

I couldn’t even concentrate while I was driving home.. I was so sick to my stomach.. so creeped out.. so weird… I was thinking what if on my way home, I crashed and die? What if my heart suddenly stops? What if I went to bed and don’t wake up the next morning? What would happen? What would happen to my things? What would happen to my family? What would happen to my loved ones? And the most important question of all – AM I PREPARED?

I always talk about suicide before.. I always take life so lightly.. I always feel life is useless.. but now I know.. unless I’m fully prepared.. I’ve repented from all of my sins.. I make my mom happy.. I’ve lived my life to the fullest.. I’m not ready.. I want to die peacefully of old age.. happy to go because I’ve lived my life to the fullest.. not sudden like that.. that I lost my life on the road (yes they died on the spot). Now I will never look at the LRT station the same way again O.o And I’ll try not to speed now 🙁

My  condolences to the  family of the victims.


May their souls rest in peace.