Digi’s D’Chat

March 11, 2008 at 12:21 AM

Out of all the crappy stuff that happened to me below, something good happened to me tonight and I just got to blog about it.

My cellphone line had a 3 months’ unpaid bill. I’m using Digi’s postpaid line that I registered at school. This is my first time of using postpaid (pay monthly by bill) so it was strange as I’ve always used prepaid (reload by card) from Hotlink before. So because of the unpaid bill, my phone line has been barred/deactivated. Earlier today I tried paying by my card but was declined. You see, last week, I withdrew money from my paypal so I was trying to see if the money has been credited to my account yet. Seemed no because it was declined.

Tonight I tried the online payment again…because I was bored and suddenly I received an sms saying it was successful! Yay. The thing is, I’ve never paid the bill online so I was worried it didn’t really go through as the online system has not recorded the transaction yet. So I proceed to try digi’s new D’Chat – DiGi’s Online Customer Service through online chat from their customer service panel. I’ve never tried it before but it’s better than calling them in the middle of the night.

There was no long queue so I was connected with a customer service rep after a few seconds…She was very helpful in checking out if my transaction has been successful or not. After checking that the transaction was successful, she then proceed to unbar my line so now my phone line has been activated within minutes. I really love the idea of 24/7 online customer service availability via chat. It’s so easy and simple. My problem has been solved within minutes. Also, I love the online payment so I don’t have to go out even though it takes around 2 hours to reflect in the system.

Good work DiGi on this one. Even though your GPRS line sucks, at least this is something good.

Last but not least, money has been credited (around RM800-ish now after I deducted RM100 for the online cellphone bill payment just now) so guess what time is it? Time to go SHOPPING! Woohoo! Now I can buy external harddrive in PC Fair in April hehe. Money makes my mood better.