External Drives

February 17, 2008 at 3:39 AM

This is going to be short.. I’m kinda braindead now. It’s 3.20 am lol. I’ve been talking to my ex for hours.. blah.. don’t wanna talk about it. I’ll do the Valentine blog tomorrow if I have time.

I had class yesterday..but it was short >.> We were finished by 11 am.. probably earlier.. so me, Sherra and Dura went to the cafe for late breakfast.. and Effendy and that guy, I keep forgetting his name.. joined us to eat. After chatting a bit I went back home, put my lappy in my room and drove to 1Utama alone πŸ™ Bought new cheap blank DVD-R.. walked around..omg I’m addicted to this seafood tempura (a Taiwan snack)… oh I asked about the mini external disk and omg, Buffalo’s 80 GB is RM299! ACK! That’s fricken expensive. I was hoping to get a 250 GB πŸ™ I’m gonna check PC Fair in April.. hopefully it’ll be cheap because I want 2 mini drives.. so I can use one for backup and one for daily use. But then again, I’ve been thinking of a new video cam.. and probably an mp3 player (cheap one where I can carry around) …Blah..

I need sleep now. I have presentation slides to do..and on Monday I have class in the morning, replacement class in the afternoon then see our prime minister! I’ll try to take a picture. Today do the powerpoint slides, do ad video, draw cartoon faces… yeah. I think I’ll put on a movie and go to bed..

Ok, beddy bye time. Nite.

PS: Mom bought aircond!!! FINALLY!!!!!!! Probably coming to install next week when I’m free. Have to remember to call comp technician guy to come check my comp after I’m done backing stuff up.