Back in my hometown

February 5, 2008 at 3:26 PM

Urgh. Back in Ipoh now. Went to class yesterday but it was boring, lol.. it was just presentation.. and some weren’t so serious about it so it was boring. Some were good, making me jealous and mad that I fucked up mine. Left at 10.30 am and rushed back home, picked up mom, went to Petronas to fill gas, check tires etc…then went to pay bill at Telekom.. then went back home to pack. We were supposed to leave at 3 pm but mom wasn’t ready. Alas, we left at like almost 5 pm. Journey was ok. Traffic jam wasn’t too bad but FUCKING HELL.


Oh. my. god. How could I miss that 2 important thing? So I was driving without a license.. ack. I had to follow the speed limit cuz I was scared there’d be a police roadblock. I wonder how am I gonna drive back?? Nearing home, I stopped at Petronas again for free coffee! Yay. Free coffee 😀

House isn’t too bad. Uncle told me my house has no power..turned out it was just the circuit breaker. Phew. But midnight, my net wouldn’t work. I was pissed…plus my control panel in this laptop and network folder wouldn’t open. It’s fucked. Grrr. I tried everything and nothing could fix it. Gonna try and get it fixed before I go back to KL next week. I’m moody now though. Not sure why.. just feeling blah and feel like I’m pissed off..but I don’t know why.

I edited my post..I tend to overreact when I’m depressed. I don’t even know why I’m still depressed. My net is fucked at times. I hate this. I fucking hate this. Hm I need to upgrade wordpress.

See? I’m writing pissy entry.. so I am in fact moody today. Sorry.