Bring It On: All or Nothing

January 22, 2008 at 3:23 AM

So a movie review!
I downloaded Bring It On: All or Nothing yesterday and so tonight I decided to watch it. I watched it streamed online for like 10 minutes or so and then my connection fucked up and I couldn’t watch the rest so I decided to download it because that 10 minutes caught my attention. So here we go..let’s start the review.



Ok, first of all.. I’m a BIG fan of the first original movie, Bring It On staring Kirsten Dunst and my favorite actress, Eliza Dushku. The first movie rocked because of Eliza. She’s like this badass bitch turned cheerleader..I saw the 2nd sequel, Bring It On Again, but it was NOTHING like the first…it sucked so bad and it was so boring.. it lacked cheer battle and the ‘heat’ of bitch fight.. it didn’t give me those goosebumps that you get when you’re watching bitches fight LOL.

I decided to give the third one a try because I watched it online for the first 10 minutes and it was actually funny and interesting. I’m not much of a Hayden Penettiere fan and I’ve never watched Heroes..well maybe just 10 minutes of it. The cast are all good and well known such as Hayden, Solange Knowles and Giovonnie Samuels. The story is pretty simple and basic and it’s the same like the first one… popular dumb blonde cheerleading captain got transfered, tried to fit in in a different ‘world’, backstabbing bitch fight and then the cheer battle. Characters are basic too..there’s the dumb blonde who’s popular then having some misfortune.. the bitch… the good asian… the dumb, totally clueless blonde.. the ‘fat’ one…and of course, the rivals..

Storyline – Hayden’s character, Britney has to transfer from her school to this ghetto school..because her dad got a paycut and they have to move to the ‘hood’. So being a those typical dumb blonde she couldn’t fit in while her so-called good friend stole her bf at her old school. Then she joined the squad at her new school, and they were all fighting to win this Rihanna’s cheerleading competition…

Ok…first 20 minutes it was kinda uh… unbearable…I mean Hayden was so overdoing the dumb blonde part it was horrible. The acting was horrible too. But it gets better when she transferred to Crenshaw Heights where all the ghetto people is there. When she joined their squad, her behavior started to change to more acceptable one and suitable for her. What I like about it, first she has this bitch cat fight with Solange’s character, Camille. After a while, they get along then comes Winnie, who is now showing her real bitchy side. So the bitch fight never stops. In the middle, the movie gets better when there’s a lot of rival fights, conflicts etc However Britney’s new love interest with Jesse didn’t manage to catch my’s forgettable unlike the original movie with Torrence and Cliff. I guess it’s because they wanna have the 2 rivals have bigger impact.

Cheers – AWESOME. Just like the original, it managed to give me goosebumps.. I loved all the moves, they were great…! And what I like is that they combined ‘ghetto’ moves which is ‘krumping’.. you know the dance, into the cheer. The end battle..omg, it was SO MUCH better than the original. We couldn’t feel that much heat in the original, but this one, damn people! It’s really a battle! Rihanna made a nice appearance during the competition..nice addition to the movie.

All I can say is that, I love this movie and for all I know, I think it managed to beat the original O.O I’m so getting it on DVD.