Dreamhost Scare

January 16, 2008 at 2:45 AM

Tonight I got scary emails from my hosting company – my hosting is overdue by $218.90 (!!!!!!!) What the hell? Ok, first thing, my payment is not due until my birthday which is February 25th, and second thing it’s due for only $119.40. I was seriously freaked! I was also freaking out that it would charge Aaron’s card because he helped me pay for my domain last November…and even though I didn’t select autobilling thing, you never know… There were a lot of pissed off customers in the blog… what pissed me off badly is that there was no email, no nothing except for one lousy blog stating something’s wrong. It took us hours to see a single blog update and many pissed off clients were threatening to sue…and some already closed their account and left. I could understand what they did that though….there were some that was charged up until $10,000! (!!!!! YIKES!) It was like triple charge per hosting for payment in 2009 O.o Hello, it’s still early 2008..!

To quote from their latest blog:

“We had a teensy eensy weensy little billing error last night… my first clue something was up when I saw this morning’s daily billing report (so far): $7,500,000.

So what were they thinking? They prolly lost a lot of customers over that mishap. Was that person in charge on drugs? They’re currently refunding money for those charged but seriously, their reputation is dented. Personally, I’ve never had problems with Dreamhost unlike others…maybe slow server or something like that but other than that, nothing major. But blah, never do this major scare again..! I’m still phobia with hosting service…I had a bad experience with my first web hosting company endore.com who suddenly went bankrupt and I lost EVERYTHING on their server. Blah.

Now I’m gonna get some shut eye…It’s almost 3 am and I have class in the morning. My car better not make troubles again.. Oh and I hope what’s waiting for me in the post office would be my pressie from Aaron! 😀 That would really make my day. I’ll check it out after class tomorrow.