Ohh another blog!

January 14, 2008 at 2:54 AM

Woot another blog. I think I have insomnia or something, I can’t sleep at night anymore. My sleeping patter is completely fucked. I should be sleeping cuz I have class in the morning at 9 am. Videography… ahhh… you know, I thought we wouldn’t have to make video again this sem.. it was so stressful last semester… but I think this sem, we’d be doing it in group so I think should be okay. I hope. Or prolly more stress. I was watching my old video that I made for sem 1.. Ms Jenny commented that the subtitle was too big. I can’t help it if the program is like that πŸ™ Any smaller font, you won’t be able to read.


It is the best thing McD ever invented……………….. *mouth waters*

…..and it is only available once a year… πŸ™ during chinese new year season πŸ™ .. this year they changed the drink to green tea..WHY??? Why not the usual orange mcfizz (sprite+orange juice)???? And desert…red bean? Argh.. I forgot what it was last year but red bean Mcflurry and sundae? Argh… Might taste good though.. o.O Shit, I think tomorrow I’ll buy prosperity burger… ahhh the goodness of beef meat dipped in rich, creamy black pepper sauce…with onions… YUM…and twister fries… mmm… gotta eat before they poof again until next year πŸ™ I don’t really like the chicken though.. beef is better.

I . want. prosperity. burger.

Oh I still have food review to do…of pizza hut that I went with Sharina during my last holiday ^^