Jangan Pandang Belakang (Don’t look back)

January 13, 2008 at 5:03 PM

Yesterday class was blah. It was just and intro class so it was nothing lol. I woke up at 8.30am, class starts at 9 am but I reached there at 9.20 am. Met Sherra at the parking lot and we went up together…it was tiring cuz the doors were locked lol. We found the class at 9.30 am and when she tried to open it, it was locked O.o So she said fuck it, let’s go eat breakfast. LOL. I didn’t want to miss class even if it was just intro class because I rushed like mad to attend the class, I must at least go in. I tried convincing her to wait lol. I messaged Dura and she said the doors weren’t locked so we tried the other door and it wasn’t locked, haha. So we waited… and he dimissed the class at 9.50am-ish instead of 12 pm….gah. lol. So we spent couple of hours talking in the cafeteria..with me, Sherra and Dura and ate breakfast. Gossiping. LOL.

Later evening I found asian horror movies in youtube and I watched a couple. Here’s my first movie review – JANGAN PANDANG BELAKANG (Don’t look back) **SPOILER ALERT**


JPB is one of the most popular movie in the horror genre in Malaysia after PONTIANAK HARUM SUNDAL MALAM. This overly hyped movie gained millions because people claim it is the best horror movie in Malaysia to date and it’s oh-so-freaking-scary. Frankly, I have no faith at all in Malaysian horror movies. They suck, and the rules are strict. It can not be against the Islamic believe whatsoever…used to have the rules where the ending HAS to be a dream..it was all just a dream. Bullshit. LOL. I guess they are lenient on that now.

What I think about the movie? It was not bad, but it was not good either. I like Pierre Andre, the main character because he’s kinda cute BUT he talks too fast in the movie, I could barely understand him. Intan Ladyana (supporting lead) ..gosh. She tried so hard. Dubbing is HORRID as usual with EVERY malaysian movie. The storyline..well eh…seen it before. POSSESSION. The ending? Totally disappointing. It’s a horror movie, but no blood, no gore…no brutal-ness. I felt hanging at the end because there’s no actual story as to where the ghost came from, what it does etc.

The good thing is that, the effect. To compare with all other Malaysian movies, this is the best. There are very few movies with good effects. The makeup for the ghosts are so good. They look real and creepy unlike any other Malaysian horror movies. It managed to creep me out for a few seconds out of the entire movie. Other than that, I was not, repeat, NOT scared at all. To me, it was just a boring mystery drama than a ‘horror’ movie. It takes a lot to scare me. It’s also annoying that EVERYTIME there’s a ghost appearing behind the actor, he turns around and it poofs. It gets really annoying if it keeps repeating like that.

Well good job to Ahmad Idham though for directing this movie as it didn’t turn out shitty like all other Malaysian director’s attempt at horror movie. Like Zombie Kampung Pisang? OMG what was that??? It was the stupidest movie ever with the stupidest zombie makeup. It was so lame, I rather be shot.

Ok that’s enough. Look out for my next review – GHOST-SUNDEL BOLONG, GHOST-POCONG and POCONG 2