Eiffel… I’m in love

January 2, 2008 at 4:07 AM

Finally my connection is working a bit. It’s like almost 4 am now.. and I shouldn’t have taken a nap yesterday’s evening. Now I can’t sleep and I’ve fucked up my sleeping pattern. Not good. First day of new year was boring for me lol, except the time I was testing out Skype with Aaron, he was being evil and hilarious lol. Then last night I watched an Indonesian movie called Eiffel… I’m in love.

If I’m not mistaken, when the movie premiered in Malaysia it was a huge hit. I only watched half of it so I was lost most of the time.Β  It’s about this teenage girl named Tita who is like cute and loved by everyone. Then this guy Adit is like snobbish, son of a bitch lol. They’re always fighting. Then the girl finds out that she has been matched by her family to marry Adit. I won’t talk about other characters, not important. Usually I’m not a big fan of Indonesian movie except maybe a few like Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (What’s with Cinta?), Heart and Love is Cinta…but somehow this movie got me interested in watching till the end. Even though it’s annoying that Tita and Adit ALWAYS fight and argue, but it’s actually a sign of love πŸ˜€ I don’t like that tho lol, if I keep fighting with a guy, it turns me off and my love will fade but everyone has their own preference πŸ˜› However at the end, Tita followed her family to France where Adit is there studying, that’s the romantic part. Because she arrived on Valentine’s Day, Adit decorated her room with lots and lots and lots of white roses. And he gave her a bouquet of red rose and a card saying I love you. AWWWWW. Then at night he took her to a high class dining, but silly girl she didn’t like it lol I’d be so happy if someone takes me to a high class restaurant πŸ˜› But she insisted on going to eiffel tower… isn’t that romantic? He confessed his love to her there.. πŸ˜€ That movie is funny and got me to smile hehe. Now I’m lovey dovey mood. Good movie.

I’ll try to blog about last week as soon as I’m done resizing pictures. Blah I should get some sleep but I’m wide awake now. πŸ™