Al-Fatihah Nurin Jazlin Jazimin

September 21, 2007 at 9:43 PM


I’d like to say my deepest sympathy and condolences to the family of 8 year-old NURIN JAZLIN JAZIMIN who was found few days ago in a gym bag after she had been missing for a month. The case is similar to Jon-Benet Ramsey and Madeline McCann but only highly publicized in Malaysia and the parents have not been a suspect in this case. I haven’t been following her news before but when I heard the news yesterday it shocked the hell out of me.




nurinjazlin.jpgWhat’s so upsetting is that yesterday, Nurin’s parents were called to identify the body but they claimed it wasn’t her. It looked like some kid not from Malaysia. They were very sure of it. Even when the DNA test confirmed it, they refused to believe it. So how did she die? From what I’ve read, she died of an infection. Hear this… the motherfucker that kidnapped her inserted like cucumber and brinjal into her private part and it ruptured her intestines. omg. How fucking sick is that? There has been 2 cases reported of the little girls being molested like that prior to her disappearance. So how come the father denied the body was of Nurin? Well he said Nurin had long, soft, wavy hair and a scar on her thigh and straight teeth.. that girl had short, curly, rough hair with a birthmark on her thigh and gaps in her teeth. Well.. the kidnapper could have cut her hair, no? And when hair is short, it can become curly.. if that girl wasn’t allowed to bathe, her hair would become greasy and rough. Since they bound her hands, I’m gonna assume that. Gaps in her teeth.. she could have been beaten bad…

Finally today they accepted the body and did the burial… funny isn’t it? How they couldn’t accept it before, denied it was her body, and claimed ‘they know their child better than anyone else’ and even refused to accept the DNA result then suddenly after bathing and stuff, her real face showed and it was confirmed her? I still find it funny because the moment I saw the pic, I knew it was her, but her parents strongly said no. Omg it was really sad. Everyone was crying and it makes me wanna cry too and her older sister is still in denial. Such cute girl to be brutally murdered like that, omg FUCK YOU, you fucking beast… I hope the police will catch you and fucking torture you and then send you to burn in hell! GRR. I can’t imagine how the family must be feeling since Hari Raya/Eid celebration is coming soon. 🙁 Grrr I want them to find that motherfucker… to know that that fiend could be anywhere within my area piss me off even more. I want to find that motherfucker, damn it!

Here I’ll post the chronology of the event:

Aug 20: At 8.30pm, Nurin goes out alone to a pasar malam (night market), located about 100m from her home in Section 1, Wangsa Maju.

Aug 21: Nurin’s parents lodge a police report. They inform police that Nurin suffers from hypertension and a kidney ailment.

Aug 23: Nurin’s father, taxi driver Jazimin Abdul Jalil, 33, distributes flyers with Nurin’s picture and description in the Wangsa Maju area.

Aug 26: Wangsa Maju MP Teo Ng Look offers a RM5,000 reward for information leading to Nurin’s safe return.

Aug 27: City police forma task force, headed by Sentul police chief ACP K. Kumaran, to find the girl. Police reclassify the case from a missing person’s report to possible kidnapping.

Aug 29: During a house-to-house search in Wangsa Maju, one of Nurin’s classmates claims to have seen her being dragged into a white van on the night she went missing.

Sept 3: Reward for Nurin’s safe return raised to RM8,000 after the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia contributes RM3,000.

Sept 4: Another RM5,000 is added to the reward by the Umno Youth Federal Territory division, taking the total to RM13,000. The division also mobilises 1,000 bikers to search for Nurin.

Sept 5: Ananonymous caller contacts Sentul police saying he saw Nurin at the Seremban rest and service area of the North-South Expressway.

This is the first sighting of Nurin since her disappearance. Some 600 members of the Former Malaysian Intelligence Personnel Welfare Association (Perisi), comprising ex-army and police intelligence personnel, also join the nationwide search. They set up a 24-hour operations centre in Taman Sri Gombak.

Sept 6: A white van is found abandoned in Jalan Klang Lama but the police find no link to Nurin’s disappearance.

Sept 7: The reward now stands at RM18,000, with RM5,000 coming from Restoran Ali Maju Sdn Bhd. The restaurant puts up posters of the missing girl and distributes flyers to all its 10 branches in Klang Valley.

Sept 8: Jazimin holds a press conference pleading with Nurin’s kidnappers to return her safely. He vows to forgive them and not press charges as long as she is returned safely.

Sept 10: Spiritualists and mediums join the search. One of them, Mohd Amin Abdullah, 60, from Serdang Jaya, claims the girl is being cared for by a “bunyan ” or goblin. He pleads to the spirit for her safe return.

Sept 11: It is Nurin’s birthday but the family holds no celebration.

Sept 13: The first day of Ramadan and still no news of Nurin. Her mother cooks sambal petai, her daughter’s favourite dish for breaking fast. Parents are confident that Nurin will return home soon.

Sept 14: Another RM5,000 is added to the reward, taking the total to RM23,000. The contributions are from Yayasan Inisiatif Tindakan Sosial chairman Tan Sri Robert Phang and MCA Public Service and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong.

Sept 16: Foreign workers in the city join the search for Nurin. Chong and his staff distribute flyers containing Nurin’s photograph and her family’s contact details at various construction sites in Kuala Lumpur.

Sept 17: A sports bag containing the naked body of a dead girl about Nurin’s age, height and complexion is found. Nurin’s parents identify the body at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital mortuary as not their child. They declare: “Alhamdulillah (Praise to God), it’s not our daughter”.

The parents’ blood samples are taken for DNA testing.

Sept 18: Nurin’s father, with the help of Puteri Umno Federal Territory branch members, distributes more flyers to motorists.

Sept 19: Police release photo of the dead girl found in the gym bag.

Sept 20: Police announce that DNA test results show that the body in the sports bag is Nurin. Her parents, however, deny it is her. Police say they will order another round of DNA tests.

Sept 21: Body confirmed to be of Nurin, and body was claimed by Nurin’s parents and she is laid to rest in Ibu Kota Muslim Cemetery in Taman Danau Kota

Rest In Peace Little Angel
~*~ You Will Always be Remembered ~*~