The Sims 2 Seasons

July 2, 2007 at 12:42 AM

It’s over 12.30 am… I’m tired as hell… slowly melting and dying from this extreme heat.. and I’m somewhat horny (LOL) *stares blankly into nothing*…… so I thought I decided to make a blog. Hm. My fridge came yesterday~!!! LOL Fucking finally, a fridge. Do you know how difficult it is without a fridge? You can’t buy food and store it.. no ice/cold water… no snack… etc… Argh. But I wish it was an aircon… I need one badly.. but fridge is more important. Yes. I’ll just go naked in the room.. (what? you perv)…

What else am i gonna talk about…….LOL my mind is seriously blank, I can’t remember what I wanna blog about. Ummm… oh well… tomorrow I’m probably going to my college, send the application. Hmmmm. What else. LOL. I so need to update my other blogs… like in Totally Adrianna… or blog in SLP… or hm do some SL stuff like tattoos or shirt.. yes I should.. but I’m feeling lazy right now so smack me πŸ˜›

Oh yes! Now I remember what I wanna blog about… THE SIMS 2 SEASONS!

Ok, so I’ve mentioned in old blog that I’ve been waiting for weather changes in THE SIMS 2. First babies..then growing old… then pets.. now weather… it’s awesome! I finally finished downloading the expansion pack and so far played like a few minutes of it in the morning…I saw snow.. which is awesome, I yet need to see the rest. lol. However it’s annoying to play games now cuz I’ve forgotten all the shortcuts and camera control so it’s a pain in the ass to scroll, pan, zoom etc… I’m so addicted to SL that everytime I try to move my cam around in other games, I’ll use the SL’s cam control. lol. I’m gonna try and play it tomorrow or so… before I go back to Ipoh. Yeah.. here are some screenshots from it… I’m gonna go watch crime channel now.. argh feel like ripping my PJ off… ARGH SO FUCKING HOT.