Hot Hot Hot

July 2, 2007 at 11:19 PM

I’m gonna make this quick cuz I’m feeling lazy, tired, sleepy, and hot caused by the weather and certain someone *laughs* Again!… geez πŸ˜› *looks innocent* But it was all good. No complaints here. I’m going back to my hometown Ipoh this Wednesday so there’ll be aircond so yayI won’t be melting hot. But I’d have stupid computer back though. Hm.

I played a little bit of The Sims 2 Seasons today… made a couple roommate and I will soon turn into lovers and do yanno what and have family and shit. LOL. Still haven’t experienced the full season change..hmmm… Today is my lazy day omg. I was supposed to go shopping and to SEGI college to register but I didn’t feel like it cuz I felt too lazy. Maybe because I woke up too early.. like at 8 am.. then DUN DUN DUNNNNN.. I got a call from the business school counselor Mr Thomas and he asked me if I had seen my result yet for the exams I took in April. I said no. Actually I didn’t want to see cuz I know I’d fail the subjects. I mean come on, I fucked up all the papers. But guess what??? I PASSED PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMY. OH MY GOD. Seriously??? I left an essay question blank… and some of the rest blank.. and for some objectives question I just randomly chose them.. and I passed? Fuck yeah. LOL. That was a miracle since I studied like 216 pages of economy in 1 night… and didn’t even remember shit. A record for me. Wow.

But as expected I failed Business Math and Accounting 1 because LOL I didn’t answer any questions.. completely blank.. so I expected that. Gonna retake but I dunno when… Mr Thomas said the registration was due last Friday πŸ™ BLAH. Then why the hell did he call me today and not earlier?? Blah. Gonna go see him when I go back to Ipoh. Mom was being like a complete bitch. She completely ignored that i passed my econ and gave shit about the ones I failed. She made me feel like I’m such an idiot. The thing that pissed me off badly was that she has absolutely zero idea how complicated Business Math and Accounting is to me, especially since I had to self-study and she’s acting as if it’s easy as 1,2,3 where a 6 year old could do it….blindfolded. Grrrr. I hate it when she’s acting like a know-it-all. I got so mad and pissed off at her this morning.

Oh well. LOL. At least I passed my econ! YAY. NO MORE ECON. Omg yay.