June 30, 2007 at 4:05 AM

Hehe it’s 3:11 am and I’m still awake. Argh. I’m tired as hell but damn Crime channel having ‘Infamous Murders‘ on… πŸ™ So I wanna watch it. They just showed The Amityville case… you know the one where Ronald DeFeo murdered his whole family.. I was so into that case. It’s so creepy… I wish I bought the house and lived there πŸ™ omg morbid obsession coming back, so I better stop.

This is sorta old news but last Monday CHRIS BENOIT was found dead with his family so they suspect a murder-suicide.. what? Chris Benoit?? The WWE wrestler?? I was so shocked. Not a fan of him though but still… o.O;

OK so yesterday I woke up at 9 am.. bla bla bla and went out shopping with mom at 11 am. I went to 1Utama Mall nearby to look for fridge.. first there was like a cellphone fair thingy and I got to play with my dream phone… OMG I’d kill for that phone. I want it badly~!!!!!! Found some fridge that we are interested in but BLAH! No stock! If we want them we have to order and wait for a week and I was like NO FUCKING WAY! We’re like so desperate for a fridge now πŸ˜› So we left.. we walked and walked and decided to eat lunch.. first we went to the food court but the food didn’t look delicious to me.. the udon selection looked yummy tho.. (plus malaysian and chinese style udon & ramen cooking) but blergh didn’t feel like it. Finally we settled for LAKSA SHACK. Bah should have brought a cam πŸ˜› Food was ok but I prefer Yoshinoya or some other places XD Then we walked, I bought TAKO TAO then we left at around 3 pm.

After leaving we went to UPTOWN (like 5 mins from my place) to look for a place that sells electrical appliances. Found the first shop and found this weird purple fridge but the inside looks appealing to me so yep, we confirmed that one, lol. I was too lazy to look around πŸ™

Then we went to MUTIARA DAMANSARA and went to Tesco. On the way there, saw huge banner at CINELEISURE saying “Classic model of OPTIMUS PRIME – the largestin the world” and I was like ooooo o.O; So I did some googling and here’s what I found –


……………………………………….. Ahhh so that’s what it was. It was actually some robotcon (robot convention) for those robot and transformer lovers. However I don’t think that’s ‘large’… sure, human size but still not the largest o.O; Here’s a robotcon poster that I found:


………………………………………….. ahhhh so there was this whole transformers convention thingy going on that I didn’t know about πŸ™ They had a showcase of all the robots and stuff… lol. I also heard that most of the collectible toys are sold out… especially anything of Optimus Prime… I’m not a big fan of robot collectibles but here’s something I’d definitely want to own:



…………………………………………………………….. a very cool version of Optimus Prime.. now that’s something I’d wanna own o.o; But I heard it’s sold out too here lol. So anyways, enough about Transformers. Makes me wanna see it more πŸ™ Tempted to just download the movie but nooooo i wanna see it on big screen x.x

So anyways, we went to TESCO and I was really tired at that time πŸ™ Didn’t feel like shopping and all. So I just bought some kimchi ramen and udon, and drinks and jams … while i was at the noodle section, there’s also the section for stuff you use for baking and stuff.. so while mom was browsing for jams I was browsing for cocoa powder and stuff… Maybe I could make chocolate truffles soon o.o; So while I was browsing and browsing… I picked up this small container of cocoa powder and noticed something weird…………… the container had white spots… o.O; Cocoa powder aren’t supposed to have white spots! So I was like shaking it, and stuff and suddenly……. OMFG EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! The white spots were actually maggots!!!! OMG OMG…. I picked up another container.. OMFG MAGGOTS AND SOME BUGS!! Loads and loads of them! I was like staring at it LOL. Then I decided to let the supervisor and worker that were at the ramen section know about it and they were like so shock! OMG I was so stupid. I could pretend to buy the thing, go home, open it, then report the maggots to the concerned person and sue Tesco!.. They’d pay me for sure to keep my mouth shut. πŸ™ OMG I was so stupid. LOL I’m such a bitch I know. So I was like being nice and all and let them take away the stuff… they were like staring at the stuff weirdly lol. But still EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW maggots and some bugs in it… and loads of eggs hatching the bugs… ewwwww *shudders* I’d buy and keep it so I could stare at the maggots, LOL.

Soooo…. after that, went to fill up gas, then went back home… relaxed for a while, got on SL for event and here I am now writing this looooooooong blog LOL. YAY it’s almost 4 am so i can watch an old malaysian comedy movie at 4 am then sleep… wait for fridge to be delivered then get on SL. I still need to register for college. OH! Speaking of SEGI College, here’s a new picture of the new college campus so you have a better view of the college I wanna go to. I assume they’re finished with the construction.


…..they have open day next week but I’ll be in Ipoh πŸ™ Yeaaaaah going durian hunting with H when i go home next week, omg. I want durian. SO YUM. Ok I better stop now and wait for the comedy movie. Ciao!