Surprise visitors :P

June 26, 2007 at 9:34 PM

LOL I wonder who comes and reads my blog? I keep getting surprise comments for old posts XD Not that I’m complaining, I love comments πŸ˜› Comments comments! I got another surprise email today… saying that my song was added to someone’s station. You see, when I was obsessed with JPOP and used to hangout at IRO ASENAIDE forum, we would record ourselves singing and all… I used this site to post my out-of-tune singing and surprisingly, my songs were in the chart! And SAKURA SAKE (by Arashi) is still in the chart.. highest chart position was like #65 out of 6,090 …Far out. All these years, LOL.

So I’m back in Ipoh now. I was supposed to come back last Thursday but I was still coughing πŸ™ I was on the phone with my uncle and I asked about my cat Mika that we left at my home in Ipoh cuz we don’t take her and other cat, Zorro along cuz they’re independent .. so anyways I asked my uncle about Mika and he said she was trapped in my room.. I was like WTF? One week? Without food and drink?? But he said she’s still alive O.O Thank god. But I was still worried.

So last Friday was on voice chat with Elvis in SL and had fun … and he got drunk on sake πŸ˜› LOL… then after that was supposed to go back home at like 5 am but I was suddenly coughing like hell again till I vomited lol. So spent the day sleeping cuz i was up all night but I finally went back on Sunday morning at 7 am. Reached here at around 9 am, sent mom to go do her stuff then come home and crashed on my sofa, lol. Felt so dead. Mika came home so she’s fine and I’m happy πŸ˜€

Today my 2 drives went missing again.. grargh. But thank god it showed up again and I don’t know what I did lol. I was panicking. Oh I’m also addicted to KING.COM games. LOL. You know how you get addicted to games like bejeweled and stuff? They have that there except you can go try to beat others for jewel and jewel lets you unlock site features. It’s too addictive damnit! Grr. That’s all I’ve been playing since I’ve been sick.

I feel like buying a game to play back in KL…something like counter strike or doom or half-life or something.. hhmmm yeah. And I need to send in my application for my college, see a frigging dentist *screams and runs* and um stuff… lol.

Argh migraine.