Genting Trip 2007 PART 3 of 3

June 14, 2007 at 10:24 AM

PART 3 of 3

Yay last part of my vacation blog πŸ˜€ Like the previous 2 blogs, click READ MORE below to continue reading. I’ll do my POTC blog later today.. argh already written 3 blogs today.. must be a record for me πŸ˜›

So in the last blog I mentioned we ate at COFFEE TERRACE. Now after eating, like around 10 pm-ish, we went outside of the hotel (it was Genting Hotel) and there was like a little garden there and fountain. So we took pictures there for a while.


A pic of me and H. I like this pic somehow. o.O;


Ms Yong trying to choke H to death.


Argh again with the tongue sticking out thing! LOL. Trying to lick Calv and he didn’t know so he was like πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Kissy kissy!


Group photo. We asked a guard to take the picture for us. lol. Then we went to the nearby garden where they had lights all over them and took pictures.


Haha we wanted to make like a ghost-ish picture like in JU-ON or something but this turned out good.. looks like there’s a head on a rock without the body. Creepy.


LOL I love this pic. Ms Yong is like “Awwwww flowers, how sweet! :D” and Calvin is like “O.O! WTF am I doing???” Ms Yong’s bf better not see this blog πŸ˜›


Then we wanted a group picture. We wanted to ask the guard to take it for us again but he’s like busy but there was this nice lady who wanted to take picture for us! So she was like “Ok ok, first a normal group picture” then snap!…. then…


…….she said “now a silly group picture!” Snap! H is like in love with the rock, and so is Ms Yong… and me and Calv are like superheroes o.O LOL. That lady rocked. She was cool πŸ˜€ Then we head back to our hotel lobby …urgh another long walk back but it was ok cuz the weather was cool πŸ˜› So cool fresh air. We went to the indoor theme park and they all decided to play some arcade games.. I didn’t feel like playing but H already bought me some tokens so had to spend it πŸ˜› Then walked around and we relaxed at starbucks. Again, didn’t have anything so I just shared H’s drink. Stupid stomach. We were chatting and all and the cool breeze made me sooooo effing sleepy but the guys kept talking and talking. LOL. Until like 2 am-ish we went back to our rooms. But then the guys came to our room and they played UNO o.O; It was so boring. I didn’t know how to play so I was like sooooo fucking sleepy. But then they started to play BLACKJACK and it was hella fun. At around 5 am I went to bed hehe.

8 am-ish, I woke up. Got ready and all and we went for breakfast at McDonalds. Then I wanted to go to the snow house but GODDAMMIT it was closed! πŸ™ Arrrrrgh so frustrating.


….Was so looking forward to it πŸ™ Oh well. So we went shopping instead. After that we relaxed a little bit and My yong and Calv took more photos with their cotton candy, LOL.




Cotton candy boobs. Have I mentioned that I love this boy? Haha.. too bad he’s studying in Australia now πŸ™ He’s a fun goofball.

Then after that we met Calv’s friends that just arrived in their hotel room. Then they told us the cable car is out. First they didn’t believe it until I said I remember seeing the notice and we were like OH FUCK! We asked the info center but they were all like dumb blondes in disguise. We packed our stuff and checked out and waited for a bus or something to get down. We couldn’t use Awana skyway because it’s slow, and there’s only like 2 cable cars o.O It’ll take ages! We couldn’t take a van because they charge us RM90 o.O; We waited for the bus and turned out the bus don’t even stop at Genting skyway! We were panicking because our bus back leaves at 3 PM πŸ™ I told them to ask a taxi but they didn’t wanna… until later and taxi only charges RM10 per person πŸ˜€ See? Shouldn’t have listened to me. Thank god we got down in time before the bus leaves. At that time moods changed πŸ™ Everybody was pissed. LOL.

After arriving me and H decided to eat dinner at sorta expensive YE OLDE ENGLISH even though I wasn’t so hungry but hey, he’s buying so what the hell.


This is the drink I had.. I think it was a mango smoothie or ice blended? But it was damn good.


Then I had this WAT TAN HOR.. it’s a chinese noodles.. my favorite.. but it wasn’t as good as the one at Ipoh parade, lol. H had like chicken wings and more chickens? I forgot… lol.

Then we got home. So that’s the end of my vacation! It was so-so.. it was fun and it wasn’t.. πŸ˜› Here are some stuff that H bought for me in genting…


……A butterfly ring that I love πŸ˜€


…..A magnetic bookmark of one of genting’s mascot ALLIE.


….A handphone strap of angel bear


….a pic of me with Frankenstein at the haunted adventure and a christmas song musical box πŸ˜€


…The cute PINK teddy bear, LOL. There was a bigger size but I told H I wanted a smaller one, and which also is a little bit cheaper.. but it’s cute πŸ˜› My mom usually hates teddy bears but with this bear she was like “You should have gotten the bigger one!” I’m such a kid (at heart :P)


….and the earrings πŸ™‚

AHHHHH finally. Finished my vacation blog that I should have written 6 months ago πŸ˜› Yay.