Secret Recipe~!

May 23, 2007 at 3:04 AM

I need to upgrade my wordpress. Need to do that sometime this week.

Anyways… I want to blog about my lunch.. on Monday, I promised H we’d go for lunch (thanks for the lunch H) so he picked me up at 1 pm and we went to Secret Recipe near Jusco (but not the one IN Jusco).. he wanted to go to the one at Syuen Hotel but seriously didn’t feel like being anywhere near jam packed streets.


Everyone knows Secret Recipe has the best cheese cakes ever πŸ˜› (apart from Starbucks) but of course, expensive food SHOULD be good or else why are they so damn expensive?? LOL. But I didn’t have any cheese cakes πŸ™ Didn’t feel like it. But here’s what I had:


First, the heavenly yummylicious brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce… HEAVENNNNN. So damn yummy! But unfortunately I only finished half! Argh. Stupid stomach couldn’t eat it all πŸ™ Such a waste πŸ™


Then the main stuff – the uber delicious CHICKEN CORDON BLEU.. chicken meat with (melted) cheese inside that oozes out as you cut the chicken… french fries, salad, onions, tomato and cucumber. It’s my favorite food when I go to Secret recipe apart from spaghetti and lasagna. Writing this at the moment makes me soooo hungry… unfortunately I didn’t finish that chicken either! Gragh. I hate you stomach.

Here’s what H had:


Cheese choc!… mmmmm cheese cake. Yummy. He did ‘feed’ me the whipped cream… *drools* looooove it.


He had a heavy breakfast he said so he only had this chicken curry puff… ANOTHER YUMMYLICIOUS FOOD. Arghhh.. he ‘fed’ me a few spoonful of the filling and arghhhh … yummy chicken curry…

Then of course we both had this –


OREO MILKSHAKE! I gave my oreo to H cuz again, my stupid stomach didn’t feel like it.. and again I only finished half the glass… ARRRGH curse you stomach LOL. But it was too heavy… too much blended oreo and milk or whatever… made me sick πŸ™


Here are some of cakes and cheese cakes available.. yummy looking aren’t they? πŸ˜›

There was this family – chinese guy and what seemed to be an indonesia lady and their kid – about 2 yrs old or so.. omg that kid was sooooooooooooooooo cute!!!! She (or he? o.O) was like giggling, smiling and waving at us… omg so cute. Want one my own little bundle of joy LOL.

So after that we went durian (you know, the fruit :P) hunting at Kg Simee.. gah. Not durian season yet! So we couldn’t find any πŸ™ Pfffft. I love durians. I know most of you couldn’t even stand the smell but seriously, give it a taste and you’ll love it!

Then after that I bought my dvd (mentioned in previous blog), stopped at 7-eleven for water and went back home. He wanted to play Dota (the warcraft game) but thank god he listened to me when I said I don’t want to. I don’t like cybercafes. I prefer my own home, my computer and my own SL πŸ˜€

Unfortunately later that day, my super psycho cat Mika scratched me so I had a very bloody palm and fingers which now has turned into very red wounds. At least I can bend my thumb now… no wait, I can’t cuz the band aid is still wrapped around it.. hmmm