Plane Dead aka Flight of Living Dead

May 22, 2007 at 6:26 AM

It’s almost 6 am and I’m still awake, LOL.

I want to blog about my lunch with H but I’d have to do it later today… I still haven’t downloaded pictures from my digital cam. We went for lunch at SECRET RECIPE yesterday and after that we went durian hunting (durians not in season yet tho blah) and then I asked him to go to a store that sells pirated cds and dvds cuz I desperately in need of new horror movie. I found PLANE DEAD aka FLIGHT OF LIVING DEAD (YAY ZOMBIE!!!).


First of all, I think no other can beat the greatness of the legendary GEORGE A. ROMERO. But then again, I’m a HUGE zombie fan and I’ll watch any zombie movies. I’ve watched quite a lot of zombie movies, most are crap but there are some good ones. What I like in a zombie movie is the level of gore. I want people kicking the zombie’s ass, a total zombie action with blood splattered on the wall and floor.. brains on the floor.. guts flying… limbs all around… I want a COMPLETE MESS. So far… even Romero couldn’t beat DEAD ALIVE/BRAIN DEAD‘s goriness 😀

Now back to the movie. I read reviews that many compare it to SNAKES ON A PLANE. I haven’t seen that one but hmmm.. oh well. One thing is not that appealing to me is the location.. a plane. Plane is not THAT big so you have less space to run and stuff. I like a big, empty area… even though you’re trapped. Ok so it’s the usual shit… there’s a virus thingy from this woman for experiment.. the plane had a turbulence and she woke up… the guard freaked out, shot her and she wakes up as a zombie. What I like is that they actually explains about the virus… why it’s for and stuff instead of just “oh, it’s government stuff” and that’s it.

Then of course, zombie got out… starts going for human flesh then one by one turns into zombie and WHAM BAM. Zombie kickass time. The level of gore… is so much better than 28 Weeks later because I could actually satisfy myself watching zombie actions… blood, guts, limbs.. etc The only thing is that everything is too predictable .. maybe I’ve watched too much zombie movies that everything can be predicted lol.

I like the ending… of course you gotta need a twist and there’s a little twist (still predictable ending), lol. But considering this was a limited budget movie, it was actually pretty damn good! You don’t get very, very, very annoying actors that can’t act at all… effects were good even though some parts you can tell if was CGI, hot babes (Kristen Kerr is pretty!) and good zombie actions. Not much of comedy in the movie but Frank (played by Kevin J O’Connor) was quite amusing! 9/10! And yay the RM7 was worth it XD Based on the crappy pirated dvd cover, I thought it was some really crappy low budget movie! Like ZOMBIE HONEYMOON. God. That sucked beyond imagination.