28 Weeks Later

May 20, 2007 at 3:40 AM

Ok so on Friday, I decided to watch a movie with Sharina. H suddenly said he’s free so he requested to tag along with us girls.. hehe.. First we decided to watch Spiderman 3 again but the night before, me and Sharina discussed again and she told me 28 Weeks Later is out. YAYYY. It’s a sequel to 28 Days Later. I loved the first one – it’s a zombies movie!! So we decided to watch that instead. I thought the movie was at 1 pm, then turned out it’s actually at 12:10 pm. Picked Sharina up, went to meet H then bought the ticket (thanks H for the ticket!) .. and went to watch the movie. After the movie we went to eat lunch because we were freezing cold (again thanks H for the lunch! LOL) then he left while me and Sharina went shopping. Just bought snacks and drinks before we went back home. At 7 pm I watched GOOD CHARLOTTE on tv , you know, the one where they performed in Malaysia that I friggin missed… it was AWESOME. Omg Billy’s so hot. So damn sexy. But it was like 1 hour so I bet they cut most of the good stuff or put it in 2 parts. DAMNIT.

Now onto my movie review – 28 Weeks Later.


First of all it’s a ZOMBIE movie. YAY! I love zombies. Can’t you tell? LOL. So basically in the first part, whole Britain was infested by some kind of virus and everyone turns into this raging undead searching for human flesh. Now in the sequel, movie starts off with a group of survivors living in the basement… you know… it was really slow.. just talk talk talk… then suddenly… WHAM BAM!!!!!!! OMG. We were at the middle seat, the sound was so loud it nearly made my heart jump out of my chest! It shocked the bejeebus about of me. LOL. Totally didn’t expect that.

Ok. So then they showed that Britain is clean. The virus is no more. So people started immigrating back to Britain. They have this special zone developed for the new people… while some other part is still not considered safe. The main character is this cute boy named Andy and really pretty girl named Tammy… then they saw their mom still alive.. who’s infected, then infected the dad then WHAM BAM!! Spread of virus again…. the fun begins.

OK. What I love is all the blood spraying, guts flying and limbs busted. What I don’t love is IT’S NOT ENOUGH. The gore is not enough for me. It’s probably too disgusting for most people but for hardcore horror movie addict like me – NOT ENOUGH. MORE MORE MORE! MORE BLOOD, MORE GUTS MORE GORE. lol. The best part is when huge group of zombies being massacred by the helicopter. Total bloody mess. But I can understand. The sequel is more towards the survivors than people being infected so the zombies aren’t focused on much.

The zombies – too fast and too crazy man. LOL. They’re like friggin mad. I like slow zombies which is more scarier but that’s different. Those would be the undead raised from the ground but this is the infected with virus kind of zombies. But seriously, I didn’t enjoy much of zombie slaying… the camera was crazy too and very shaky.

But the movie was awesome. Love the theme music too, it’s creepy. It’s scary because it makes you feel like what if you’re trapped and you have nowhere to run …and the only option is to die 🙁 In the cinema there was this old chinese guy talking on the phone OUT LOUD. TWICE. Oh god. So annoying. Then suddenly H answered the phone O.O; He, too, was talking out loud and I was like WTF??? You’re watching a movie, stop answering the phone!

So getting the movie on DVD. The ending suggests continuity – 28 months later perhaps? Hehe. I really hope so!