SEGi College

May 17, 2007 at 2:53 PM

Hehe thanks for the comments on the previous post! πŸ™‚ Love you both! *hugggsss*

I’m not in a bad mood anymore. Yesterday I felt like half of the weight of problems I’ve been carrying seemed to disappear. I hope nothing happens to screw it up.

Yesterday I went to Kuala Lumpur (it was a day trip). With all the ‘drama’ that night I couldn’t sleep.. so I was browsing the websites for the two colleges that I wanted to go – Sunway University College and Segi College. Segi’s new campus at Kota Damansara has been opened so I was excited and woke up mom to tell her about it and we kinda chatted until 5 am! LOL. So the whole morning mom blamed me for her headache XD Oops. I only had half an hour sleep and I slept in the wrong position so I hurt my ribcage area.. feels like I had knives in there @_@ Ouch.

We left at 8:30 am LOL. But I went to McDonald’s drivethrough to get breakfast and woot woot, the coffee kept me awake. We reached around 11:30 am.. I was supposed to see my doctor at 10:30 am.. lol. So we went straight to Gleneagles Intan hospital and I waited….I waited… I waited… I was so sleepy πŸ™ There was this old guy who fell asleep and he was snoring REAL LOUD! Omg. LOL. At the same time H messaged me and we talked it out on what happened the other night so that lifted my mood πŸ™‚

After seeing the doc, we went back to Damansara back to my apartment so mom could settle some bills, then we headed out to find Segi college‘s new campus at Kota Damansara. The thing was, I didn’t know how to go, LOL. I remember seeing a new building when my uncle took us to Kota Damansara before but I wasn’t we were like cruising and cruising… nearly got lost.. bla bla… then BAM!


I saw the college and goddamn it was HUUUUUUUUUUGGEE.


Because I’ve been in a stupid SMALL college for years and then suddenly I’m going to a HUGGGE college that’s like 10 times bigger than my old one was something um shocking for me. It’s located next to a smart school – Sri KDU.. and even that private school looks 20 times better than normal high schools in Malaysia. Must be for rich smart students. DAMN YOU LUCKY BITCHES. lol.


Anyways.. so we went in.. the guard took my id at the gate .. geez what for? Not like i’m gonna rob the place o.O; LOL.. then had to walk up the big stairs to go to the room.. the campus is not fully finished yet and not officially opened yet. I can see dust, construction smells, construction noises, paint smell etc etc but the place looks awesomely great. Is that a college or hotel? o.O;;;; Even Sunway Uni college and LimKokWing Uni College and Help Uni College – 3 top private uni in Malaysia don’t look that good O.o;; So we sat at the lobby which kinda look like a hotel lobby lol and mom was like gawking at the place.. then talked to this counselor and he’s nice.

What I like about SEGi col is that they have almost 50% discount for malay students so YAY!!! Non-malay students fees is around Rm30,000+ while I have to pay only RM15,500 πŸ˜‰ and another good thing is that they said mom don’t have to pay if I apply PTPTN loan πŸ˜€ So mom’s extremely happy to hear that. I wanted to take Diploma in Performing Arts (Theatre) but ummm. It’s not that appealing anymore. So I’m going for Diploma in Video & Animation since you know I LOVE videos and stuff πŸ™‚ College will start in July so I have 1 1/2 months to enjoy XD Also, this college is so much closer to my place so no more city traffic jams! God I was so worried I would have to go to Sunway for their campus. That’s waaaay too far and too much traffic. No tolls either for a change πŸ˜€ Unlike my Japanese school..RM 2.50 toll everyday XD I’m crossing my fingers nothing will screw up this time that prevents me from going there. An please… no drama πŸ™ But it most likely will happen.

So after that we stopped at IKEA and I treated mom late lunch/early dinner there for my late mother’s day present, LOL. I don’t give her gifts since the last time I did, when she pissed me off I smashed those gifts, oops. So I just treat her food XD Then we went back to my apartment, got on SL and got too hyper then drove back home at 10 pm.. reached back home 12 am, watched a little bit of American Idol and fell asleep @_@.

So that was my day!

If you read it all, a cookie for you πŸ˜›