The Lost World Tambun!

May 11, 2007 at 3:32 PM

I’ll separate into two blogs, one about waterpark that I went to and my haircut in the other. Ok πŸ˜€

Last Monday I went to the water park called “The Lost World Tambun” with H. I had to wake up early so we won’t go swimming under the hot blazing sun. Fortunately for us, the weather was cloudy so it wasn’t hot! It was just nice πŸ™‚ So around 10 something AM we went there.. we arrived there at around 10:15 am or something.. but the place opens at 10:30 am.. so he paid for the tickets (roughly RM22 per person?) and we just waited for around 5 minutes before we could go in.



The outside is like ruins? Or something? LOL.. I forgot to take pictures of the cat statues and the fountain thingy and lake.. but you can see that in the video that I will post in youtube soon. There’s a club called “RUM JUNGLE” there.. and it’s said to be one of the hottest clubbing spot in my hometown. Hmm.

So anyways… we went in, he paid RM3 for locker.. and put our stuff in and starts swimming! It was so weird since we were like the first person there, LOL.. so no people except us.. I kinda walked around a bit and H talked me into going for the waterslide. I seriously didn’t want any adrenaline rush in the morning but bah had to give in at last. But damn it! It was fun I admit, LOL. however, I hurt my ass cuz it was rubbing off the floor while I was going WEEEEEEEEEEE!!


We went to 2 rides, I didn’t go to the other 2 cuz didn’t feel like more adrenaline rush LOL. There were some hot caucasian guys who were hot hot hot .. just in their shorts πŸ˜‰ Hot.


So then we got into the pool and just kinda sat in there and talk talk talk… I was having too much fun diving though LOL… So I’d dive and let myself float.. again, we were the first ones to get into the pool so it was kinda awkward.. LOL.. all the pictures you see were taken after we were about to go home so you see people.. hehe.


I love that thing.. looks like an umbrella but there’s water pouring around it πŸ˜€ Around the afternoon it was starting to get real hot so we went under there for cover πŸ˜› Then after a while we went back to the locker, got some money, paid another RM3 for the locker, rent a float for like RM10 I think?? and went to the river!

OMG it was sooooooooooooo hilarious!! LMAO. You see we had to walk in the water until we reach the starting point of the river.. at the starting point, the waves go ‘fierce’ and big.. the float was all slippery and wet so i had quite a hard time to get on it, LOL. I was laughing like mad! And the ‘guard’ was too, LOL, he was laughing at me.. then I finally got on it… man, my ass was in the water the whole time it was freezing.. my face was burning under the hot sun and my ass was freezing!

Then H pushed the float a bit further and then he tried to get on it.. OH MY GOD. lol. The waves were really big, I was like swaying side to side.. and H had a hard time to get on and then suddenly SPLASH!!!! LMAO. The float flipped over as H tried to get on and I GOT WET! LMAO. Omg. I was laughing so hard and so loud and people and guard were laughing at me for laughing so hard. OMG. That was so funny. But finally we could get on and float in peace along the river πŸ˜› It was slow but nice.. love the tranquility of the mountains and stuff.. πŸ™‚

After cruising along the river.. we went back to the pool and talk and talk and dive and float until it was after 1:30 pm-ish, we changed, showered and went back. We went to KFC to eat lunch though, and here’s what I had:


Seriously, no other place can beat the yummyness of KFC’s hot and spicy chicken..!


My strawberry drink and zinger maxxx burger.. that I took home for dinner, LOL.


Sorry, I already ate half of this cheezy wedges before I took picture LOL.

That’s my water park story! LOL. Thanks so much H for treating me to water park, lunch, BBQ chicken wings and McDonald meals for dinner for the past 4 days… πŸ˜€ And Karen if you’re reading this, thanks so much for the AUD$50! πŸ™‚

Before I start a new blog about the hair, I’ll show you some more pictures of the water park πŸ˜› Sunway Lagoon is much better but hehe it was a fun experience! This remind me, I need to blog about my Genting highland vacation last January………….


This would be the hotspring.. we didn’t get into it though LOL.. it was already hot, why would I need hot water? πŸ˜›






Part of the river.. this is the calmer part.. I didn’t get to take the main part of the river lol.


Last pic.. HOT SPRING.