Sweet coffee!

May 1, 2007 at 3:09 AM

Bah didn’t get much sleep. I think I fell asleep at 5 am, then woke up at 10 am because I promised H we’d go out at 11 am… after he picked me up, he stopped by at the college. Turns out the secretaries nite dinner has been cancelled and they’re doing a hi-tea thing at the hotel student’s mock up room. That’s suckier than the suckiest thing ever. Anything involving that god forsaken college sucks, So I decided not to go.

Then we head down to Ipoh Parade. I didn’t eat breakfast so we went to Marybrown and I had this –


– curly fries and hot touch burger (and mineral water, not included in the photo).. lol, I only ate the curly fries cuz I was full somehow so I took the burger home for lunch.

Then we went to starbucks! STARBUCKS COFFEE IS T3H S3X! Thanks H for treating me Marybrown and Starbucks ;D


Mine is on the left – caramel frappucino, my favorite! H had the banana frappucino or something lol. I’m addicted to starbucks oh yeah. woot.

After that I wanted to buy a bag but decided I wanna go to Kuala Lumpur first to see bags.. more choices.. then there were a lot of nice earrings for cheap price.. and necklaces.. wanted one but still.. waiting to go to KL first.

But I did buy a new nail polish … so I decided to paint my nails tonight.. I was watching America’s Next Top Model at the same time and I accidentally smeared the nail polish and my fingers looked so messy and red like I just killed someone and the colors wouldn’t come off until hours later lol.


Black was sold out.. but I love red, oh yeah 😛

Going to the movies today.. hoping to see Spiderman 3 but since it’s public holiday (today and tomorrow) there’s no doubt it’ll be fully booked. Blah. We’ll see. Going down to KL this Thursday because the clinic is closed this 2 days. Blah!