Hardcore week

April 30, 2007 at 4:32 AM

Sometime this week, if you come to this blog and see nothing, don’t worry, I’m just in the process of backing up data and upgrading wordpress πŸ˜›

So anyways, last week was bizarre. On Thursday, fucking lightning blew up my LAN card!! GODDAMN that’s like 3240782304823049th times lightning screws up something of mine, be it the LAN card, power supply, motherboard, hardisk, modem, monitor etc … JEEZ! But the heavy storm was really bad.. the worst. I was sleeping because I didn’t sleep the night before and I was awoken by the sound of something exploded..

Oh man. Exam week.. no sleep.. information overload.. I stayed up all night studying for accounting. Seriously. It was like… just reading but my brain is so blaaaaah nothing is stored in my memory. So at around 9.10 am, H came to pick me up. I promised we’d go for lunch so that’s why I let him pick me up.. still awkward seeing him for the first time after couple of months. lol. He explained why he did what he did to me.. don’t want to go into detail but hmm yeah.

So the exam was in auditorium again. Oh my god. There was this guy sitting behind me, he was sniffing every minute it’s SO FUCKING GROSS.. then he sneezes.. then when he let out a sigh, oh god it could kill me. Fucking hell. That was so gross. When Sharina phoned me last night she was laughing so hard at that. Not funny yo, I was grossed out for hours πŸ™ I screwed up the exam.. seriously.. I can’t even remember what accrued concept is.. the ratios.. even fucking trial balance.. balance sheet.. correction of error etc

So H came back to college at 12 pm and he went and picked up his friend. I forgot his name. Funny guy. He’s obsessed with Paris’s line “THAT”S HOT”.. and since I use that a lot online, so I started saying it too. Then he picked up his cousin (who is obsessed with britney spears lol) then he sent them to cybercafe while we walked to Tesco to Pizza Hut.


So I had this – a glass of coke and yummy soup (was it chicken or mushroom soup? Not sure.. hmmm)


The garlic bread.. i love garlic bread .. it’s extra yummy when I dip it in the soup πŸ˜€ Yummy Yummy.


Ohhh I had this – chicken meatballs in cheesy carbonara sauce.. I FUCKING LOVE THIS. lol. I cannot stress enough how much I love it. LOL.


The regular hawaiian chicken pizza. I unfortunately didn’t have any of it.. I was too full from the meatballs.. πŸ™ However H didn’t finish it all so I took a slice home and gave it to my mom hehe.

Then we walked back to the cybercafe.. they boys played DOTA.. pfft typical. I hate that game.. so I tried to install SECOND LIFE on the comp and it worked! Haha had fun πŸ˜€ I’m too addicted. Then around 5 pm we head home. Kinda. The boys wanted to eat and they did. H’s cousin saw the documentary CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and I’m surprised! He’s surprised that I’ve watched it too. I think that’s what inspired BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Seriously. Don’t watch cannibal holocaust. You’ll lose appetite for a week like i did and I don’t get grossed out easily. And they fucking killed real animal those bastards.

Then after sending them home, we headed to the other mall to buy LAN card. In the car we were singing Sexyback together like a duet, it was fun tho, LOL. I was singing Justin’s lines and he sang what’s his name’s line… hehehe. Bought the LAN card and H paid for it hehe.. then I got back home and tried to install it. I was sooooo worried if the modem is busted too but thank god it worked! Then I had so much fun in SL that I got extremely hyper LOL.

Anyways, I better go to sleep now. I promised H we’d go to starbucks this morning oh yeah. Starbucks <3 Then Tuesday I’m driving to Kuala Lumpur to get my medicine. H said he’d accompany me because his parents are away.. hehe good, I don’t have to go alone and mom don’t have to get worried. Then will try to get my hair done thanks to H cuz he gave me like RM250 (USD$73) for it.. YAY!

PS: YES.. !!!!!!!!! This Saturday MTV is showing the good charlotte concert that I missed.. YAY!!!!!! At least I get to see it .. I heard the commercial and Joel was saying “I’M MOVING TO MALAYSIA… I NEED A HOT TEACHER…”.. daaaaymn Joel. I wish Billy would say that. I’d be your hot teacher billy.. anything πŸ™ *puurrrs*