What college?

April 16, 2007 at 7:42 AM

I still can’t make decision whether I want to go to Sunway University College or Segi College. Gah. Since both offers the course I want, now the only way to help me decide where to go is the environment.. if the studying environment is good and looks cozy, that’s where I’ll go. I saw my friend’s pictures now that they’re in Japan.. so jealous 🙁 They took pretty pictures and they announced their new address and phone number.. seriously jealous that they could be there to study. lol. And seriously jealous that my aunt is going to Japan tomorrow o.O;

I’m gonna make a blog for my character in Second Life.. not sure when I’ll get it done though lol, hopefully by tonight or tomorrow.. since I’m gonna be quite busy today. I’ve setup the subdomain and installed wordpress, just need to edit template and make some graphics. Argh exams next week. I’m arghhhh *pulls hair* And good charlotte concert this Saturday 🙁 Pfft. I wish I could go.. and rape Billy..

… I wanted to blog about something else too but I forgot what, LOL. Oh well.

I thought I’d post a few pics of some of my friends from my Japanese school (帝京マレーシア日本語学院) during the bon odori cuz I dunno.. I miss them, they were fun to hangout with even though I wasn’t so close to them. I loved bon odori because that was the night we became temporary celebrities to people, haha. Can you guess which one is me in the pic? hehe. Yes, the ugly one.