April 13, 2007 at 10:28 AM


I’m still sleepy for some reasons. lol. I stayed up for two days πŸ™ Can’t remember much tho.. But I think I ended up dancing alone in my house, LOL. MTV was showing good music videos too so yeah, ended up dancing!

Me and my ex boyfriend – still… awkward. A little bit. What awkward is that when he messages me he acts like he used to when we were best friends. So this past 2 months that I’ve been pissed off at him seems like… didn’t happen.. like the 2 months disappeared or something cuz seriously, the idea of talking to him again never crossed my mind. I shouldn’t say more cuz this is public blog πŸ˜› People might use my words against me like it did before pffft.

American Idol – SANJAYA YAY. Finally Haley is out!