Back in my hometown!

April 4, 2007 at 10:48 PM

SL is down so I thought I’d blog a little before I go and watch TV and study.

I’m back in my hometown again πŸ˜€ Yesterday’s morning mom was seriously pissing me off so I got upset and didn’t go IKEA until later evening. Went to the hospital first to get my medicine and on the way, there was a heavy storm. Argh. Lightning flashes right in front of me. I hate that. Then we went to IKEA at about 6 pm. I bought some kitchen utensils, LOL. I wanted some other stuff but mom didn’t allow me.. πŸ™

When we were on the way back, what would take 5 mins became half an hour because of the MASSIVE traffic jam, bumper to bumper. I think the traffic report mentioned something about flood somewhere that caused the traffic jam πŸ™ So I got tired and went back to my apartment to rest .. I got on SL and the guys were talking about ghost and stuff and I started imagining things on the way back, LOL.

I went back at about 11 pm .. and I was speeding all the way, so took me 1 1/2 hours to arrive at my hometown. Good thing I didn’t experience any unnecessary stuff on the way back because the highway is sorta haunted. However there was this road construction and this bus nearly hit the car in front of me and I nearly crashed into the car but luckily I managed to brake in time. Stupid bus. In Malaysia, the most famous haunted highway would be the KARAK highway… you’ll hear all sorts of stories about that highway. Thank god it’s not on my way back to my hometown.

But I found out, my internet connection is STILL being an ass. The connection would stop working every min now… I’ve been pissed off the whole day. At this very moment though, the connection seems ok. If it’s still being an ass, tomorrow there’s gonna be a war at TM POINT. No joke. They suck big time.

Oh yeah! The birthday bash is this SATURDAY.. and I’m still not sure if I wanna go. Maybe not πŸ™ I have to sacrifice one of the biggest parties in Malaysia… πŸ™ But I do hope I can go see Good Charlotte’s concert! The thing is, it’s one April 21st……. I have exam on 23rd! GAH. If not I’ll just go stalk Billy and kidnap him and rape him. Yes.