Fuck Streamyx

March 31, 2007 at 1:54 AM


I have the crappiest, shittiest company that provides internet connection in Malaysia. The connection sucks. πŸ™ Yesterday as I was happily living my SECOND LIFE my connection suddenly stopped working. Nothing worked. So I took mom to the phone company to pay for the internet bill. Still nothing. Got back home and it’s still the same. I waited and waited. Nothing. So I decided to sleep early last night for the first time ever haha.

This morning, STILL THE SAME. Nothing. But this morning the connection would work for a few minutes before it starts acting up again. So I took mom to pay for the PHONE bill in case the phone line was the problem. It wasn’t. So I had other things done.

After sending mom to pay for bills and stuff, went to the mall to buy ink for my printer (yay now I can print stuff for my scrap book) then went to the pet store. After that went to KFC to get my lunch and after that went to pick up Sharina and we went to the college to get my notes from my lecturer. GAH. What should’ve been 10 minutes became almost an hour because of the dumb librarian and the stupid photocopy machine. But finally, I have my business math notes. AHHH.

Here’s my exam schedule:

April 23rd: Business Math
April 26th: Principles of Economics
April 27th: Accounting 1


LOL need to start my intensive studying next week. Sharina’s gonna be my tutor LOL. Anyways, today (now it’s almost 2 am) I’m going back to Kuala Lumpur for a few days. Have things to do there. I’m excited. I miss my new comp! I’ll be back in my hometown probably on Monday or Tuesday.

Oh and YAY, my connection seems ok so far πŸ˜€ No connection drop or anything.

Ok need to pack stuff now.