FACON Education Fair 2007

March 23, 2007 at 4:50 AM

So yesterday was ok, lol. I had a short sleep at around 6 or 7 am, and woke up at 9.30 am …then at 11 am went to pick up Sharina to go to college so I can get some notes for my exam next month. Urgh.. this is like the 2nd time I went there and leave without any notes, lol. The last time I saw Mr Chow and he told me to come after the chinese new year for my accounting notes.. and yesterday he wasn’t there and Mr Chin told me to come today. So looked at the exam dates.. it’ll be at the end of April.

Then we left for the education fair at the Syuen hotel.. GODDAMN. The exam results had just been released this month so the education fair was jam packed! My Japanese school councellor was there on Tuesday, wanted to see him 🙁 But I fell asleep 🙁 Anyways.. LimKokWing Uni wasn’t there, but we did ask Help Uni, Sunway Uni and Segi College.. ahhhh I can’t decided whether I want to go to SUnway Uni and do performing arts or go to Segi College and do Video and Animation, Performing Arts in Theatre or Dip in Human Resource………. AHHHH DECISION DECISION.

Then we walked back to Ipoh Parade (shopping mall) and walked around for a while.. there was a Thai fair there so lots of cute shirts and stuff! I wanted some but didn’t wanna use my money so I just bought some Thai food, lol. Yummy Thai tom yam! OMG I forgot I still have it in the microwave! *runs to the kitchen* Ok sorry about that, lol. Anyways, so after that we went to Tesco to do some shopping.. then sent her back home and went back home and yup that’s it.

God I need to cut and straighten my hair. I look like an old witch with fuzzy hair.

PS: I switched the layout and uh, the plugin in the MY VIDEOS page is broken I assume.. since it shows PHP errors.. will fix that soon