More Xmas deco @ IKEA & Ikano

December 20, 2006 at 1:30 AM


I want to go to a party! πŸ™ But sadly I have no friends to go with me in Kuala Lumpur. No way I’m inviting guys I just knew online to join me cuz you know how date rape can happen. But anyways, there will be a very happening party in Kuala Lumpur this Christmas eve called “DEFROST: SUMMER CHRISTMAS EVE PARTY” (click link) and here’s the flyer I received from the random email I got from them:


If you click on the link above, you can hear the remix done by DJ Staen1 and DJ tyDI, both from Australia. Basically, there’s 2 parties… both located at Nouvo & Espanda.. never heard of it before. There’s gonna be HipHop mixes and of course house trance. There are gonna be DJ from Aus, KL and Singapore I think.. and oh man, it’s gonna be hot πŸ™ ARGH it’s so frustrating when there’s a good party coming up and I can’t go x.x I seriously need to get out more and find party friends! ARGH.

Anyways, I went to IKEA and Ikano today! Weeee… They’re like 5-10 minutes from my apartment. I got some pictures for the blog… more Christmassy feeling! Hehe.


The entrance of IKEA. What I like about Christmas is the lighting… I so love lighting. You don’t get pretty decoration during Eid celebration/Hari Raya/Eid Mubarak. So when I find pretty lighting, I snap a picture!


One of the showroom there… I took a pic because it has christmas tree.. unlike other showrooms, LOL… I love the decoration and layout and stuff.. it’s calming.



Living room and kitchen closeup. If I have a condo, I want my condo to be like this πŸ™ But I also have to invent a money making machine where the police can’t detect fakeness so I can spend as much as I want, mwahahah!


In the early days after I moved into my apartment, I wanted that. My bed on top and working area underneath like that but it cost too expensive and my ceiling is too low – I sleep on that bed then I wake up having my head slashed by the spinning ceiling fan.. oh no. But it is nice though.. it’s very cozy… I could sit in front of the computer for hours without the uneasy feeling. It saves space too!


Haha then I went to my fave dining place there… oh god I haven’t been there in ages! I miss the food!

I miss my yummy swedish meatballs!! And that little sweden flag, LOL. I really love the fact that you can refill water as many time as you want. I drank my special mixture of – pepsi lemon, mirinda orange, mirinda strawberry, 7UP, soda and pepsi.

I don’t know why but today they gave the meatballs with french fries o.O; Usually, they’d give one potato. Hmm, but fries are not bad but I don’t know.. I prefer potato more. I like eating potato with that strawberry (or was it raspberry?) jam rather than with fries. I LOVE THE SWEDEN FLAG! LOL


I went outside to capture street lights cuz as you already know, I love pretty lights.. I love anything pretty! But it didn’t turn out that good.. can barely see the two place (IKEA and The Curve) properly either.


Tesco, IKEA and somehow-you-can’t-really-see drivethru McDonalds. LOL.


Then walked to the Ikano… nothing special though but I did find the hanging little christmas trees on the ceiling to be really cute! And *points* Scooby Doo and the gang will be coming there from Christmas till new year! Unfortunately I’ll be at my hometown .. I wanna see Scooby-Doo πŸ™

Ok nothing much. I did a couple of videos at youtube (you can find at MY VIDEOS page) and here’s something I really wanna show –


– a really cute cartoon by my friend on myspace, FIASCo! Thank you soooooooo much!! It’s a really cute and lovely drawing! πŸ˜€ Wish you could have done more πŸ˜› Hahaha, just kidding! But I really love it. And I decided to use this instead of the clean version is because I like the bubble talk thing , LOL. Thank you again! <3

Finally I’m done. I need to go to bed now. Tomorrow I’m going to a few more malls on a hunt for Christmas decorations! πŸ˜€