More DVD!

December 10, 2006 at 1:16 AM

I ordered more DVD! πŸ˜€ After watching the first season of THE GOLDEN GIRLS, I got hooked! So I want the next season badly.. and so this certain someone won some money at a computer game tournament and gave some to me so I could buy THE GOLDEN GIRLS as his Christmas present to me! πŸ˜€ <3 So you guessed it.. I've ordered THE GOLDEN GIRLS seasons 2 AND season 3 … plus HOME IMPROVEMENT season 5 … actually I used my mom’s money that she kinda temporarily deposited into my account for some payment thing.. lol >.< I'm gonna be dead when she finds out but who cares? πŸ™‚

The reason why I want HI season 5 instead is because I have some fave episodes in it than season 4 so I decided to get it first… if I’m lucky and have some money next, I’d get season 4.. then season 1 & 2… that’s if season 6 is not out yet. I seriously hope they won’t pull a BOY MEETS WOLRD on HOME IMPROVEMENT… You see, BMW is one of my fave tv series too.. I got season 1 & 2.. but not yet for season 3.. but then I heard they’ve decided not to release other seasons because of low sale of season 3.. WHAT THE HELL? πŸ™ I am sooooo disappointed. I wish they’d change their mind. I’m not worried with THE GOLDEN GIRLS cuz they’re already gonna release season 7 the final season on February next year… Just need money to get them all.

So my package was shipped yesterday/this morning.. yay! Here’s the current record from DHL.


Date Time Location Service Area Checkpoint Details

December 08, 2006 20:06 New Castle, DE – USA Shipment picked up
December 08, 2006 20:08 New Castle, DE – USA Departing origin
December 09, 2006 01:15 Wilmington – Clinton Field, OH – USA Departing origin
December 09, 2006 04:15 Wilmington – Clinton Field, OH – USA Departed from DHL facility in Wilmington – Clinton Field – USA


I decided to let them ship it to my home in Kuala Lumpur.. I thought I wanna let it ship to my house at my hometown but I’m not sure when I’m going back. My face might not have healed yet although right now the swelling has subsided, the burnt skin is slowly peeling off and my face has weird combination of colors now, LOL. Besides, I wanna go to shopping malls when I’m better and capture Christmas decorations. So based on my last experience, I will probably get the package next Tuesday ..or since Monday is public holiday, might get the package on Wednesday instead. I’m excited! This is the best Christmas ever!