Ouch, laser, The Sims 2 Seasons and Caesar IV!

December 8, 2006 at 2:20 AM

Holy Mother of Mercy.

I went to the derm clinic today to have my stitches removed. I’ve been excited since a couple of days ago because the stitching were getting a little bit annoying. So when I was getting the stitches removed, damn it hurt and then they said I’m starting to bleed again on a couple of the wounds… what is wrong with my face? So then I went to my next treatment… which is the laser treatment to seal the wounds.

They put the numbing cream on my face… ALOT. So in about 45 mins my face was completely NUMB. Now unlike last week before the stitching, somehow they put a little bit of the cream and my face wasn’t completely numb. The wounds still hurt. After an hour, went for the treatment. GODDAMNIT IT HURT LIKE A SON OF A BITCH! Felt like my cheeks were being poked by a needle… and at the same time I smelled the smell of human flesh being burned o.O;;; Or barbequed.
Now I have a swollen face and it’s throbbing and stinging and I have dark/black colored burnt spots on both my cheeks! Also ,still have open wound that needs re-stitching next month and again, with the laser treatment procedure I went through today to seal the hole! ARRRRRGH. Omg. I look even more hideous than the past week with the stitchings!

Moving on… I’m so happy that certain someone won some money and gave most of it to me so I could order the next season of THE GOLDEN GIRLS SEASON 2 DVD from amazon as his christmas gift! YAY! πŸ˜€ I probably will order season 3 together so the uber expensive shipping won’t go to waste.. if I could beg mom maybe I can get Home Improvement season 4 or 5 too… or no season 3 of GG and just order HI… hmm whichever works.

I looooooooove THE SIMS 2! Why? Because it’s the only life simulation game out there that made my dream come true. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a life simulation game that let me control humans as real as possible since I was 14/15… With all the expansions and stuff, The Sims 2 still stands strong in the market. I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY excited that THE SIMS 2 SEASONS will come out soon! I’ve been hoping they’d make The Sims 2 have seasons.. to make it even more realistic..I wanted snow badly and now it’s coming true. Before I’ve been hoping for sims to be able to get pregnant and have kids… kids growing up… adults growing old.. then university life… pets… all came true πŸ™‚ Why can’t other games be like this? We had babyz before … that conquered my life when I was 16 but the babyz never grew up as claimed, and they company just went down the drain completely.. bankrupt? I don’t know…

Speaking of sim game, CAESAR IV is out! I love Caesar III .. in fact when I was in my hometown without internet, that’s all I’ve been doing… even though my comp kept crashing. Now, the transformation difference is the same like The Sims going to The Sims 2… in Caesar III, you build the roman city.. something like SimCity 4… the graphics were so-so… but in the new release, the graphics are much nicer and much more detailed and of course, close up! It’s gonna take me a while to get used to it and new features. I will review the game again once I’ve played everything. But one change that I like the most is the weather change πŸ˜€ Sun.. morning/night… rain etc

CAESAR III city view



CAESAR IV city view