November 22, 2006 at 7:26 AM

I finally ordered some DVD from amazon.com… wow, it’s been a year since I last ordered which was July last year. I only order TV series DVD because we don’t have the tv series I like here in Malaysia.. it’s all the stupid latest tv shows like The O.C, One Tree Hill, 24, Alias etc that I don’t even watch. I’m more into sitcoms. So after much thought, I bought two DVDs:

Home Improvement season 3 Home Improvement Season 3!

I grew up watching HI. It’s one of the best tv shows in the 90’s. Of course JTT was an added bonus, lol. I used to be so obsessed with JTT.
The first plan was to get season 1 and 2 but after much thoughts, I decided to get season 3 instead… There’s way too much on season 1 that I already have on tape and watched like a billion times…



The Golden Girls season 1The Golden Girls season 1!

Oh how I remember watching The Golden Girls every week when I was 11 or 12.. it was shown before Home Improvement. Weirdly, when it was shown on Disney Channel years ago, I never watched it o.O;

I didn’t plan to buy this.. because I’m in HI phase, but after watching the trailer that’s included in one of my Boy Meets World’s DVD, I decided to get it ..



You don’t get funny shows like these anymore 🙁 Serious tv-drama like Alias, 24, etc conquers the tv. After ordering, I thought about changing to season 2 of Home Improvement but damn, amazon.com people are so fast.. they’re already packing the stuff for shipping and I can’t change anything.. lol. Now the DVD better arrive before I have to go back to Kuala Lumpur next week.

I need a job, I have like 3429783402834 more tv series DVD I HAVE to get..